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Cisco VPLS Configuration Example

Cisco VPLS Configuration Example In this article we will focus on the VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) configuration on Cisco device . We will use the below VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) topology for our configuration example. Cisco VPLS Configuration Example Topology In this VPLS topology, the devices that we will use are, Cisco Catalyst […]

Basic VPLS Architecture, Full Mesh

Comparison of VPLS and h-VPLS VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) and h-VPLS (Hierarhical VPLS) has some common and different properties. So they have different aadvantages and disadvantages.In this article, we will focus on the comparison of these two concepts. The most important different between VPLS and h-VPLS is in the interface between the CE (Customer […]

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) – Part 3 (h-VPLS)

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H-VPLS (Hierarchical VPLS) H-VPLS (Hierarchical VPLS) is the more scalable version of VPLS. Basically, H-VPLS has some architectural difference than flat VPLS. VPLS Architecture, Flat VPLS In H-VPLS, there are some additional edge devices. These devices are u-PE (User facing Provider Edge) and n-PE (Network facing Provider Edge). By using two different Edge Devices, H-VPLS […]

Alcatel-Lucent, VPLS Example Topology

Configuring VPLS on Alcatel-Lucent Service Routers Before any Service configuration, our IGP configuration must be done and the network must be converged. We had talked about this preparations in the previous articles. In this article, we will focus on VPLS configuration. We assume that, our IGP configuration is done and the network converged without any […]

Alcatel-Lucent, Logical View of VPLS

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) is basically a Multipoint-to-Multiponit Layer 2 VPN Service delivered over a Service Provider MPLS Network. In other words, in VPLS, customer locations are connected over the Service Provider MPLS Network. You can see the logical view of VPLS below: Logical View of VPLS From the […]

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