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COMPARISON OF TOP FOUR VENDORS’S COMMAND LINE In IP world, there are many vendors. But some of these vendors are very common and widely used. These vendors are Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent (Now Nokia) and Huawei. I have prepared a cheat sheet for comparison of these vendors’s command line. These document is especially for the Service […]

Link Aggregation – Part 3 (LACP Configuration on Juniper Devices)

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Posted by gokhankosem on 15 Apr 15 - 2 Comments
Link Aggregation Example Topology on Juniper, JUNOS

LACP Configuration on Juniper Devices We have talked about LACP in the previous articles on Cisco Routers. Here we will focus on how to do this configuration on Juniper devices on ethernet links. As you know the protocol is the same, but there are some configuration differencies between different vendor’s devices. By the way, we […]

mpls point of local repair (PLR) and merge point(MP),MPLS Recovery

Fast Reroute Protection Types Both One-to-One and Facility Backup can protect different network elements. And these can be achieved by two ways: – Node Protection : Protect against the failure of the next downstream router. The upstream router before the failure node establishes a protection tunnel that goes around the failed next downstream router. This […]

mpls point of local repair (PLR) and merge point(MP),MPLS Recovery

MPLS Local Protection (Fast Reroute) The goal of the protection is minimizing the down time. To do this, protection must be done near to the failure. Local protection does this. By doing this types of protection, it avoids using entire path protection. Local protection reroutes the traffic rapidly around the failure, so this mechanism is […]

Strict Path, primary path, secondary path,MPLS Recovery

Path Diversity in Secondary Paths As we say in the following articles, while using Secondary LSP-Paths, sharing links between Primary and Secondary LSP-Paths must be avoided. We can say this term “Path Diversity”. There are some methods to achieve Path Diversity. These methods are: – Using Full Strict hop LSP-Paths – Admin Groups – Shared […]

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