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mpls end-to-end protection primary path and secondary path,MPLS Recovery

Protection Types There are some different types traffic protections. In general we can divide these types into two groups. End-to-end Protection and Local Protection. End-to-end Protection is using Secundary LSP-Paths as a backup, beside Primary LSP-Path. Local Protection is the mostly used MPLS recovery mechanism, MPLS FRR (Fast Reroute). End-to-End Protection (Secondary Paths) In this […]

MPLS Protection and Restoration – Part 1

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mpls protected path and backup path,MPLS Recovery

MPLS Protection and Restoration, MPLS Recovery As you know, we can prioritize some of the traffic with MPLS-TE because of their nature. The high priority can be given to the voice and video traffic. Because they are fragile traffic types. During a failure normally these real time traffics send first and then the others. Like […]

MPLS Convergence Factors After the link failure in MPLS network, there are some actions need to be done orderly for MPLS recovery. This actions need to converge the MPLS network again. These MPLS Recovery steps are: – MPLS Recovery Failure Detection : Detecting the failure point – MPLS Recovery Failure Propagation : Notifiying other routers […]

MPLS Recovery, Actions After the Failure What Happens After the Failure Recovered By Fast Reroute (FRR) ? After detecting the failure in an MPLS network, in Fast Reroute (FRR) mechanism, PLR switches the traffic to the protected tunnel. At the same time it sends a PATH ERR message to the Head-End. In this message, it […]

MPLS Recovery, Secondary Paths Verification In the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Routers, we can verify the Secondary LSP-Path configuration with the following commands. Verifying secondary LSPs use the following commands: show router mpls lsp show router mpls lsp path If Standby Secondary LSP-Path, the Primary andthe Secondary is up. if Non-Standby Secondary LSP-Path, the Primary is […]

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