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MPLS Label Distribution Protocol, LDP – Part 6 (T-LDP)

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transport tunnel and service tunnel, ldp and tldp

T-LDP (Targeted Label Distribution Protocol) As we talked about, LSRs(P routers) are not service avare, they do not know anything about services. So they use only the outer label. But PE routers are service avare and they use outer and inner label together. With inner label, they classfy the different VPNs. At this point, at […]

MPLS Label Distribution Protocol, LDP – Part 7 (CR-LDP)

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CR-LDP (Contraint-based Routing LDP) Before discussing the CE-LDP, lets explaint “constraint-based routing” term. “Contraint-based Routing” is the routing which in which the routing process is done according to some constraints. Both QoS-based routing and policy-based routing belong to Contraint-based Routing. As you know these routing include QoS constraints or policy constraints. CR-LDP (constraint-based LDP) contains […]

Enabling MPLS On Cisco Routers In this article, we will study how to enable CEF, how to enable MPLS and how to configure label protocol ldp on Cisco routers. During this survey we will check the configuretion with various basic show command that will be useful during MPLS configurations. After successfully configuration of the core […]

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