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VPLS Labelling (Tunnel and Service Labels) As we discussed in the MPLS articles before, for MPLS we need labels. VPLS is also a MPLS Service, so we need to use labels in VPLS too. There are two MPLS labels used in VPLS. These labels are: • Outher Label (Transport Label) • Inner Label (Servise Label […]


VPLS MAC Learning VPLS is a Leyer 2 VPN technology. Becuase of its Layer 2 nature, “MAC Learning” is very important for VPLS. So, how does VPLS learn MAC Addresses? MAC Learning in VPLS is similar to normal switching MAC Learning. The concept is basic. At the beginning nobody knows the others. So, to send […]


VPLS Topologies VPLS can be defined on One Service Router or on Multiple Service Routers. Basically we can divide VPLS into two here. The first one is VPLS, that is defined on one Service Router of Service Provider, by using router ports only. As Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) translation, this type of VPLS is done only by […]

ISIS For IPv6 Configuration Example on Cisco IOS In this Cisco ISIS for IPv6 configuration example, we will configure ISIS with IPv6 extension configuration commands. For our example we will use the below four-routered topology. Here, we will have 3 different area. There is a Single Topology and Multi-Topology configurations with ISIS for IPv6. We […]

ISIS for IPv6

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ISIS for IPv6 (Intermediate System to Intermediate System for IPv6) ISIS is one of the important Link-State protocols. With entrence of IPv6 to the network world, ISIS also need to uptade itself for this new routed protocol. So, ISIS for IPv6 is developed. Basically, ISIS for IPv6 is similar to previous version of ISIS, before […]

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