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BGP Administrative Distance As you know routing protocols have Administrative Distance values for preferability.And different vendors have different AD values for the same routing protocols.This is also valid for BGP. Some main vendors and BGP AD(Preference) Values are below: Cisco => 20(eBGP) and 200(iBGP)200 Juniper => 170 Alcatel-Lucent => 170 In Cisco routers two AD […]

bgp (border gataway protocol) ibgp (internal BGP) ebgp (external BGP)

BGP Peers, BGP Sessions and BGP Messages What is BGP peer? To use BGP, the neighbourship between the BGP routers must be established. You can use the statement BGP neighbour or BGP peer for this establishment. There are two types of BGP peer. These are iBGP(interior BGP) peer and eBGP(exterior BGP) peer. iBGP peer is […]

bgp autonomous systems internet

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) AS you know there are two types of routing protocols in general. These are IGP(Interor Gateway Protocols) and EGP(Exterior Gateway Protocols). In the previous posts we have talked about some of IGP protocols. In this post, we will talk on EGP. EGP is the abbreviation of Exterior Gateway Protocol. In the […]

bgp (border gataway protocol) ibgp (internal BGP) ebgp (external BGP)

IBGP and EBGP In the previous post, we have talked about BGP generally. In this post we will handle IBGP and EBGP detailed. IBGP and EBGP IBGP (Internal Border Gateway Protocol) * BGP, which is used in the same Autonomous System. Neihgbourship is established with the peer which is in the same Autonomous System. * […]

BGP Next Hop Self Command

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bgp next-hop-self command example

BGP Next Hop Self Command In this post, we will talk about an important and mostly used command of BGP. This command is used under the BGP process in the router and the usage is like below: neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} next-hop-self In the routing, route advertisement is a common term. And for the route […]

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