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ISIS For IPv6 Configuration Example on Cisco IOS In this Cisco ISIS for IPv6 configuration example, we will configure ISIS with IPv6 extension configuration commands. For our example we will use the below four-routered topology. Here, we will have 3 different area. There is a Single Topology and Multi-Topology configurations with ISIS for IPv6. We […]

ISIS for IPv6

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ISIS for IPv6 (Intermediate System to Intermediate System for IPv6) ISIS is one of the important Link-State protocols. With entrence of IPv6 to the network world, ISIS also need to uptade itself for this new routed protocol. So, ISIS for IPv6 is developed. Basically, ISIS for IPv6 is similar to previous version of ISIS, before […]


IS-IS versus OSPF IS-IS Protocol and OSPF have some similarities and differences. Lets firstly check the similarities of these two protocol one by one: – IS-IS Protocol and OSPF are both Link-State Interior Gateway Protocols. – IS-IS Protocol and OSPF are both uses Dijkstra SPF (Shortest Path First) algorithm. – These protocols have LSDBs and […]

IS-IS Adjacency States, IS-IS Neighbourship Establishment

IS-IS Protocol Adjacency There are three types adjacency in IS-IS Protocol.These are: – Level 1 routers form L1 adjacency with L1 and L1/2 Routers – Level 2 routers form L2 adjacency with L2 and L1/2 Routers – Level 1/2 routers form L1/2 adjacency with L1/2 Routers There is no neighbourship between L1 and L2 routers. […]

IS-IS Packet Types IS-IS Protocol uses L2 encapsulation Ethernet 802.3/802.2. It do not use Ethernet II. Ethernet II is used for IP traffic. IS-IS Protocol exchanges protocol information by using Link-State PDUs (Protocol Data Units). There are four types of PDU packets in IS-IS Protocol. These IS-IS packets are : – IS-IS Hello PDU (IIH) […]

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