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Packet Tracer VTP Topology

VTP Configuration with Packet Tracer ************************************************************ WouLd YoU LiKe To Learn How to Use PAcket TraceR and PracTice CCNA LAbs on PaCKet TrAcEr??? Here is My Courses on UDemY!! CISCO PACKET TRACER HOW TO GUIDE CISCO PACKET TRACER CCNA LABS ADVENTURE 1 CISCO PACKET TRACER CCNA LABS ADVENTURE 2 ************************************************************ In this article, we will […]

VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol)

Posted by gokhankosem on 19 Jun 12 - 1 Comment

VTP is a layer 2 protocol that allows to control, create and delete VLANs from a central vtp server. Cisco swithes are in “vtp server mode” by default. In a large network there can be mant swithes and configuring this swithes can be very difficult one by one for VLANs. So VTP help us to […]

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