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TCP Options The last part of this article series is related to TCP options. After this there is aleady the data part. In this section there are some options that enhance TCP protocol. This options are MSS, Window Scaling, Selective Acknowledgements, Timestamps and Nop. The size of this field is changable according tot the used […]

TCP Window Size, Checksum & Urgent Pointer The window, checksum and urgent pointer are another important fields in TCP header. Each of these fields are 2 bytes long. Window Size Window size the most important part in the TCP header. This fields is used by the receiver to indicate to the sender, the amouth of […]

TCP Flags Each TCP segment has a special purpose and this is determined by flags.Here we will study on 6 important control flags. There are also other options in flag field, but we will focus only 6 of them. You can check these flags below. The most important ones that show us the flags importance, […]

In this section, we will survey the TCP header in packets. As you know TCP is a layer 4 protocol and its header is also have parameters about layer 4. Before TCP header, packet has layer 3 header, it is IP in our example. And before IP header, packet has layer two header, and this […]

Sequence & Acknowledgement Number Sequence and acknowledgement fields are another important fields in tcp header.Each of these fields are 32 bits long. Datas generally sent and received with packets larger than MTU. So using sequence and acknowledgement number getting important during this process. These fields are in the features that make TCP connection oriented. With […]

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