LLDP-MED (Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery)

As a standard and open protocol, LLDP is a good protocol. After the development of LLDP, some of the additional properties needed especially for Voice Over IP (VoIP). So LLDP extended.

The extended version of LLDP is LLDP-MED (Link Layer Discovery Protocol – Media Endpoint Discovery). You can also called this “LLDP for Media Endpoint Devices”.

LLDP enables network discovery between network devices and the endpoint devices like IP Phones, gateways etc.

Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery, LLDP-MED

Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery, LLDP-MED
Like LLDP, LLDP-MED is also must be enabled at that end point. In the network different neighbour discovery protocols used at the same time. LLDP-MED is used for its additional advantages. With LLDP -MED, device capabilities can be discovered beside its types. Duplex type and speed, power discovery, location discovery and the device attribute discovery is done with LLDP-MED.

LLDP-MED has three classes that specifies the endpoint’s capabilities. These classes are :

• Class 1 : This LLDP-MED class requires a basic LLDP discovery. Communication controller servers are in this class.
• Class 2 : This LLDP-MED class do not require end user. Voice and Media Gateways, Bridges etc. are in these class.
• Class 3 : This LLDP-MED class is used for the end users. IP Phones, Softphones etc.

LLDP-MED Classes

LLDP-MED Classes

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