Who is Gokhan Kosem?

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I am Gokhan Kosem, the Builder and the Maintainer of IPCisco.com.  I am a Network Expert and Network Instructor that has more than 10 years Experience on IP Networking and Multi Vendor Network Equipments.

I have worked for important Network Vendors and Service Providers like Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Turkish Telecom and Vodafone. By Working on different projects of these compaines, I have gained many experiences on Network World.  I have worked on various network devices of Top four vendors’, Cisco, Nokia, Juniper (Alcatel-Lucent) and Huawei for years. With various network trainnings, I have trained many network engineers.

At 2010, I decided to share my experiences with my colleagues on a blog and IPCisco.com borned. I am writing technical articles about network lessons and certifications on IPCisco.Com for 8 years. Now I am here to share with you, more than this! With the new design of IPCisco.com, I am always with you as I did before!

About IPCisco.Com

about-ipciscoIPCisco.com is the First Multi Vendor Networking Blog of the World. As an 8 years old Networking Blog, it supports Network Engineers and Network funs from all over the World. Since 2010, IPCisco.com is Online!

IPCisco.com is mainly focused on Network Certifications of Top Network Vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Nokia(Alcatel-Lucent) and Huawei. With articles on Network Protocols and Configuration Examples on different network vendors, IPCisco.com provide both theorical and hands on experience to the IP Funs!

From the beginning to now, IPCisco.com have supported many network funs and professionals. Many Junior Network Engineers that have begun to their careers in the first year of IPCisco, now Expert Engineers in their fields!

IPCisco.com has thousands of followers from almost all countries of the world. With their interests and encouragements IPCisco.com has developed day by day and now it is here for you with its new design!

Now, in new design of IPCisco.com, there are many parts that can be useful for you!

  • You can learn Network Lessons with various Courses,
  • You can gain Hands on Experience on Cisco, Juniper, Nokia and Huawei,
  • You can Explore Network Tools that automize your works,
  • You can Memorize Important Infos with Cheat Sheets,
  • You can benefit from IPCisco CATs for your Career,
  • You can be a Member of Our Groups,
  • And more…

To learn Network and be a member of IPCisco, do not wait! We are here for you!

IPCisco.com is not only a website that will prepare you for your network certifications, but also a platform that will provide you real life network career experiences.

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