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Keep Up With Good Work!

Actually, I used www.ipcisco.com , for passing my CCNA exam! Keep up with good work, Gokhan!!

Boris Bradić, Network Administrator, Bosnia and Herzegovina

CCNA Certified

Everything is Available on a Single Site

This site is too good! Everything is available on a single site… Thank you! It’s really helpful…

Shoeb Qureshi, Data Center Engineer, India

CCNA, JNCIA Certified

IPCisco is a Life Saver!

Mr Gokhan Kosem’s blog ipcisco.com and the course on Udemy (Huawei HIA R&S All Labs) has been a life saver. Gokhan uses practical explanations with labs and it helps. Thank you very much.

Isak Labuscagne, Network Engineer, South Africa


Great Content!

I am following IPCisco.com. It has great content!

Joël François, Senior Network Engineer, Switzerland

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified

Great Platform To Learn From!

I’ve just viewed this blog and it looks interesting and very helpful thanks for your efforts. I’m planning to get some certificates and IPCisco looks like a great platform to learn from.

Sandrine Khaled, Teaching Assistant, Egypt


There are Lots of Information!

I have both subscribed to IPCisco and take CCNA Lab Course on Udemy. I have successfully passed CCNA 200-301 Exam. These courses have a lot of Information. Thank you very much!

Brendan Harrington, Senior Software Consultant, Zambia

CCNA Certified

IPCisco is Super Helpful!

I am following ipcisco. Its super helpful. I love the cheat sheets and quick video tutorials. Thanks for the wonderful content.

DEEPIKA ARUMUGAM, Network Engineer, United States

Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core

From Zero To Hero!

Gokhan has created a very well designated site. Every learner can benefit from IpCisco.com. If you are newbie in networking, you can learn new technologies easily from this site. For those who already made progress in networking, can refresh their knowledge by using IpCisco.com. Great thanks and good luck to Gokhan!

RIZVAN BAYRAMOV, IT Trainer, Azerbaijan

CCIE R&S Certified

I Have Suggested IPCisco to My Friends…

Right now i am studying jncip-sec, what i see in the ipcisco is good materials for whom wants to improve his skills and knowlodge. Also I have suggested the website to my friends and they read some good info about protocols , the new technologies and the solutions . I’m very thankful for Mr.Gokhan and the website. Mr.Gokhan is  also my friend :)

BADRAN ALMUTAIRI, Network Engineer Trainee, Saudi Arabia

Very Useful and Very Well Written!

The blog is very useful and very well written. It covers a variety of concepts and technologies from different vendors as well as general telecom subjects. I would recommend it to everyone who pursues certifications or has trouble understating some topics.

KONSTANTINE BABUADZE, Core Network Operations Engineer, Georgia

CCNA Certified

IPCisco is the First Site On My List!

Whenever I want to understand a topic from basic to expert level, IPCisco is the first site on my list because the author really simplifies and concise the whole topic into a readable conceptualized statement. Also I found IPCisco offers multi-vendor knowledge sharing platform that really help techies to swing their vendor specific concepts to adjust easily in the environment someone want to shift. Keep the good work going guys, Thumbs up!

IMRAN A.JAN, Network Engineer, Qatar

CCIE Data Center abd CCIE Security Certified

To Be a Skillful Cisco Network Engineer!

Be an instructor, everyone can learn from, be a skillful Cisco Network Engineer, be Gokhan! If you feel like practicing, understanding tough concepts, mastering Cisco technology and various vendor devices and technology, be here to explore it at ipcisco.com through real examples that bring down big concepts into pieces to facilitate understanding.


CCNA Certified

As a Network Trainer, I Recommend this IPCisco…

The ipcisco.com is as a profitable network training website for whom attempting to learn theoretical networking concepts along the practical side. The other prominent point of this website is to configuring the variety of technologies on the different vendor’s products such as Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, and Huawei. Me as a network trainer, absolutely recommend this appropriate website to my students and the others. Special thanks and congratulation to dear Gokhan for his efficacious website.

MASOUD SABOURI, Network Architect, Trainer, Iran

CCIE R&S Written, CCIE Candidate, MCSE

This Site is Very Important For My CCIE Studies!

I am a big fan of IPCisco! This site is very important for my CCIE studies and the community in Brazil. Thank you!

FULVIO MENDES FERREIRA, IT Network Engineer Analyst, Brazil

CCNP R&S Certified, CCIE Candidate

Excellent Articles on Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia)!

IPCisco.com is a Professional Blog Site! I would like to thanks to Mr. Gokhan Kosem for his wonderful efforts for building this site. The articles are excellent especially the Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia), which assists me a lot about the architecture of ALU. It is useful for both beginners and professional in the networking field, particularly they are working in multi-vendor environment.

SAJID IQBAL, Network Engineer, United Arab Emirates

CCIE Service Provider Certified

My Students Use IPCisco.com!

My students use IPCisco.com to support classroom studies. It has recently been very useful in researching the use of IPv6. Thank you for your support. Silvana Correa. Teacher in Fortaleza-Brasil. Currently in Porto-Portugal.”

SILVANA CORREA, Network Trainer, Brasil, Portugal

Network Instructor

IPCisco’s Post are Very Informative!

I’ve read IPCisco’s posts, and they’re very informative. I hope to learn more in the coming days!

LOHIT YADAV, Technical Consultant, India

CCIE Security Certified

Deep and Clear…Good Work!

Love the way you work and mentioned everything so deep clear.Keep up doing the good work. Regards from Pakistan.

NAF RAJA, Freelence Writer, Pakistan

One of the Right Tools for Your Career!

One of the main tools that someone need for his Network Career. The important thing is that you have guides not only for Cisco but for many other vendors which is really good for your networking career. Good guidance for CV Structure and and interesting questions for an interviews depends on your Career level.

BAMPINIS GEORGIOS, Network Support Engineer, Greece

CCNP R&S Certified

Self Explanatory Diagrams for Pictographic Memory!

IPCisco is a very informative and wonderful. It shares not only the basics but also quite advanced level information about the networks and its attributes.The diagrams are quite self explanatory and help develop a pictographic memory.I recommend all to follow ipcisco.com if you want to know how the networks work.

SANJANA BHANU, Network Security Analyst, India


Easy to Understand Lessons!

First of all i would like to thank Mr. Gokhan who take initiative to start such a great platform that actually explains together of all the important concepts of networking . All the features that are provided are really cool. One of my favorite is Cheat Sheets. They really helped me out during rechecking of network concepts. And also IPCisco.com is a platform where there are not only Cisco certifications but also other vendor certifications. IPCisco blog makes it quite simple for us to compare all protocols and lessons smartly.

GURJEET SINGH, Cisco Networking Academy Student, India


User-Friendly and Easy to Read!

IPCisco.com is pretty cool. It’s really user-friendly and easy to read. I’ve already add IPCisco.com to my bookmark. It is very useful for me. I also recommend this blog to other friends to help them.

CONAN LIAN, Senior Technology Associate, China

CCIE R&S Certified

IPCisco.com is One of the best in Networking!

IPCisco.com was unbelievably helpful for me when I wanted to find quick solutions for various scenarios and multi vendors (cisco, Nokia, Juniper) in easy, straightforward and professional way. Thank you Gokhan for sharing all this nice stuff.

AHMED RAHEM, IP Core Engineer, Iraq

CCIE R&S Certified

IPCisco.com is a Popular Network Blog on USA!

IPCisco.com is really very helpful and informative. It helps me a lot! It has nice lesons and courses espeacially on Alcatel-Lucent/NOKIA. I would say Gokhan is doing good with IPCisco.com. I have personally heard about IPCisco.com from multiple people in different U.S states.


NRS II Certified, SRA Candidate

Very Helpful to the Students like Us!

IPCisco.com is very helpful to the students like us. Thank you so much for the content…


CCNA and AWS Certified, CCNP Candidate

The Best Website to Learn Routing & Switching!

Have gone through IPCisco.com many times to learn some stuff. I must say it is one of the best tutorial website to learn Routing & Switching Technology. Thanks for Everything 😊

TUSHAR RAJ, Cisco Specialist, India

CCNA Certified, CCNP Candidate

Great Stuff!

I have often followed and used IPCisco.com production. Great stuff!

SIMON DROGHINI, Cisco Specialist, Italy

CSA, CCPS1 Certified

Awakens The Interest of Young Networkers!

I want to tell that ipcisco.com publications are very good! They help a lot to the doubts of the Network and IT Engineers, and also awakens the interest of young people who want to enter the area !! Thank you for your contributions to the community… Keep going!

ERIKA A., Network and Telecom Engineer, Bolivia


I Point All of My Students to IPCisco.com!

As a Cisco instructor I point all of my students to IPCisco.com and have never been let down by the knowledge of Gokhan and the sites wealth of information of up to date learning resources, all I can say is keep it coming my friend, for knowledge is power.

MARTIN SEYMOUR, University Lecturer, United Kingdom

Cisco Instructor

Very Good Explanation With Diagrams!

IPCisco.com has been my go to reference guide for more than a year now. It helped a lot during my Master’s program to refer wide range of topics with very good explanation with diagrams. Gokhan has done a fantastic job by creating this blog.

PRANAV PATEL, Network Virtualization Engineer, USA

CCNP and Vmware Professional Certified

IPCisco Topics Have Helped Me Immensely!

Thanks Gokhan for his availability! His topics have helped me immensely and therefore he is my professional reference. To be a good professional is not only to do, but to share what you know. Because when you taught yourself, you learn more!

CRISTIANO VENÂNCIO, IT Operations Specialist, Portugal


Very Simply and Professional!

Thank you Gokhan for taking the time to share his knowledge with providing Network concept very simply and deploy professional education website for Network Engineers.

SHAIDA SHAHIDI, Voip Engineer, Iran

CCIE Collaboration Written, CCIE Candidate

Training Content is Brilliant!

Ipcisco training content is brilliant! So thanks Gokhan for taking the time to develop and share it.
I find it excellent to read!

CHRISTOPHER BLAKE, Fixed Networks Specialist, United Kingdom


Very Good Explanations…

Ipcisco.com is a very good site, it contains very good explanations. I have already followed a lot of courses on Ipcisco.com. I wish Gokhan a very good continuation…

ABDELHAFID EL HOUSAYNY, Network Engineer, Morocco


Amazing Efforts!

Thanks Gokhan… His Blog looks really interesting and Gokhan did amazing efforts to help technical guys.

I hope this good progress continues!

SAMER SABER, Datacom Engineer, Egypt

CCIE-SP Certified

IPCisco.com is a High Level Networking Site!

IPCisco.com is a high level networking site. Its structured from beginners to high level CCIE knowledge base. The Labs are easy to understand at the same time providing a world class support to the Networking world. The Professional person behind this site: Gokhan Kosem is the Backbone Achitect and provides world class education allowing people to Certify with great marks. I have been using this site for 2 years. Amazing…

BILAL MOOSA, Senior IT Specialist, South Africa

CCNA Certified, CCNP Candidate

Unique Website for Different Network Certifications…

IPCisco.com is a fabulous teaching website. the materials are accurate and very well explained in an easy and simple way that understandable for everybody. It offers a range of different materials from the most famous and biggest network vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Nokia) throughout the world. This characteristic makes it exceptional and unique from the other network libraries. I visit this fantastic website constantly, and I would definitely recommend to others.

WAIS ALI, IP Director, Iraq

CCIE R&S Written, CCIE Candidate

IPCisco is One of My Tools for CCNP!

Many thanks to Gokhan for all his efforts! Information in the site is really useful and helpful. It’s one of my tools which I’ll use to prepare for my CCNP certification.

ADRIANA MITSOVA, TAC Engineer, Bulgaria

CCNA Certified, CCNP Candidate

One of the Best Technical Website…

I would like to thank Gokhan for all information he has provided. I think his website is one of the best Technical Website I have ever seen.

AZIN AMIDI,Network Planning Engineer, Iran,

CCNP Certified, CCIE Candidate

Learn, Practice and Get Certified!

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I am Gokhan Kosem, a Network Expert that has more than 12 years experience in Network World.
Now, I am here to share my experiences with you that I have learned during my career on Networking.
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As the First Multi Vendor Blog of the World with Excellent Network Lessons and Resources, 
IPCisco.com will be always with you during your Network Certification Journey!