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Router & Switch configurations are one of the key parts of computer networking. A network engineer must know how to configure a router or how to configure a switch from the beginning to the expert levels. As the leader of networking industry, network engineers need to learn Cisco Router Configurations and Cisco Switch Configurations. Beside Cisco, there are also other vendors in networking industry like Huawei, Nokia and Juniper. In Cisco Configurations page, we have prepared Cisco Configuration Videos for you.

These configuration videos are short and effective configuration examples. You will learn the configuration lesson easily with the help of these videos. Here, you can also download Cisco Configurations.

Below, you can see some of these videos.



Cisco Static Route Configuration

Cisco OSPF Configuration

Cisco EIGRP Configuration


Cisco VLAN Configuration

Cisco LACP Configuration

Cisco VTP Configuration


Cisco HSRP Configuration

Cisco GRE Configuration

Cisco DHCP Configuration


Cisco 802.1x Configuration

Cisco DHCP Snooping Configuration

Cisco Port Security Configuration


You can also Download Cisco Packet Tracer Configurations and Cisco GNS3 Configurations!

You can follow Cisco Packet Tracer Course Lessons to learn configurations step by step.


Cisco Router Configurations

Routers! They are the love of almost all network engineers. Network engineers like to work on routers and routing too much. They would like to configure routers, work on routing protocols and any other jobs of routing. Because routing needs really expertise and it is charismatic activity for a network engineer.


Working on routers mainly need router configuration knowledge. If you would like to configure a Cisco router, you should know Cisco router configurations. Sure, there are many router commands and you can not know all of these commands. But although this, you can learn the basics of router commands and in a while, you can gain Cisco hands on experience with more practice on routers.


So, what we will cover here? We will cover, Static Routing, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP Configurations and more in this Cisco Configurations page.


In this page, we will provide you a lot of Cisco configuration videos on routing. You can download all these Cisco lab videos.


Cisco Switch Configurations

The second important device for a network engineer is switches. If you are a network engineer, you will configure a lot of switches in you career.  There will be different switches for different purposes in your network. Here, we will show you how to configure Cisco switches with short videos. We will explain the key points of Cisco Switch Configuration with different Cisco Configuration Examples.


To configure a switch is similar but easier than to configure a router. Because, switches are less complex devices. Here, we will shows this to you quickly.



What we will cover on Cisco switching configurations? We will cover VLAN Configurations, Spanning Tree Protocol, EtherChannel, LACP, PAGP and more in this Cisco Configurations page.


Like routing configurations, you can also download Cisco switch configurations on this page. All these videos are short but effective videos to learn network configurations.



Cisco Security Configuration Examples

Here, we will not only focus on routing and switching. We will also focus on various security lessons and Cisco security configurations on routers and switches. We will learn how to secure our routers and switches with various network security protocols.


Here, we will focus on Router & Switch Passwords, Switch Port Security, 802.1x, IPSec VPN, DHCP Snooping and more on network security lessons. We will do the Cisco configurations of these protocols and concepts.


During these security configurations, you can also focus on the theorical parts of these security lessons. Here, we will mainly focus on the configurations of these concepts.



Other Cisco Configuration Examples

On Cisco configurations page, we will also cover DHCP, DNS, Syslog, NTP and other important network protocols and services. We will do the configurations of these protocols on Cisco routers and switches.


With these Cisco configs, you will learn the mechanism of these services and how to configure them on Cisco devices. A network engineer will always do these configurations on his/her network. Here, with short videos, we will teach you how to do it quickly.


On different lessons of CCNA and CCNP ENCOR, you will find a lot of short configuration videos here. You can also download these videos and watch them offline.

quick-cisco-configuration-videos-ipciscoCisco Configuration Video Content

So, what will we cover in these Cisco configuration videos? Below, you will find the full list of all the configurations that you will download here:

  • 802.1x Port Based Authentication Configuration
  • BGP Back Door Configuration
  • BGP Local Preference Configuration
  • BGP Multi-hop Configuration
  • BGP Redistribution Configuration
  • BGP Route-reflector Configuration
  • BGP Update-source Configuration
  • BGP Default-route Configuration
  • DHCP Server Configuration
  • DHCP Relay Agent Configuration
  • DHCP Snooping Configuration
  • DNS Configuration
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection Configuration
  • EIGRP Configuration
  • Etherchannel LACP Configuration
  • Etherchannel PAgP Configuration
  • Extended ACL Configuration 1
  • Extended ACL Configuration 2
  • GRE Tunnel Configuration
  • HSRP Configuration
  • IPSec VPN Configuration
  • IPv6 EUI-64 Configuration
  • IPv6 Global Unicast Address Configuration
  • IPv6 Link-Local Address Configuration
  • IPv6 Multicast Address Configuration
  • IPv6 Solicited Node Multicast Address Configuration
  • IPv6 Unique Local Address Configuration
  • MPLS Configuration
  • NTP Configuration
  • OSPF Basic Configuration
  • OSPF Stub Area Configuration
  • OSPF Virtual-Link Configuration
  • Private VLAN Configuration
  • RIP Configuration
  • SSH Configuration
  • Standard ACL Configuration 1
  • Standard ACL Configuration 2
  • Static Configuration
  • Subnetting Example 1
  • Subnetting Example 2
  • Switch Port Security Configuration
  • Syslog Configuration
  • VLAN Configuration 1
  • VLAN Configuration 2
  • VRRP Configuration
  • VTP Configuration
  • Well-known Network Ports


You can also Download Cisco Packet Tracer Configurations and Cisco GNS3 Configurations!

You can follow Cisco Packet Tracer Course Lessons to learn configurations step by step.


And this list will be updated always! In other words, you will download more Cisco configurations videos in the future.