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In this page, you can try yourself with CATs Personality Interview Trainnings. The Questions that you will see here, are the Real Personality Interview Questions asked to Job Candidates. In a job interview, Human Resources ask different personality questions to know you better. They try to learn you better with different interview questions. In this page, you will learn what are HR Interview Questions, what will they ask to you before a Technical Interview.

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What Are HR Interview Questions?


So, what are HR Interview Questions? This question is a common question that will be in your mind before any personality interview. Basically, the questions on these job interview are classic. Because the main objective of them is to know you. So, the questions will be related with your personality.


In this page we will give different examples about what are HR Interview Questions. With this practice page, you will be familiar with personality questions for interview and you will be ready for the job interview.


What are HR Interview Questions is a common question for a network engineer, a network administrator, network technician, a Linux administrator, a python developer etc. who are looking for a new role or have a new job interview. This is the first step. Firstly, you pass the HR personality question period and if they think that you are a good candidate for this role, they call you for a technical interview.


Personality Questions For Interview


Personality questions for interview is the first questions that human resources ask to a job candidate. There are different versions of these questions. Even there are common questions on this case, there is not a true answer for these questions. Because, they are not true false questions. They are not a test. And they are not looking for a numerical answer. They are looking for your answer that shows your personality. So, if we go a little deep, what are HR Interview Questions? Here, we can give some examples.


For example, they can ask you about your strengths or weakness. With these questions, they would like to know that if you are a good candidate for the role. Or this role is not a good option for you.


You can answer such a question differently. You can explain your strengths detailly. You can talk about your weakness. Talking about your strengths ae generally not difficult. But talking about your weakness is a little difficult. And you must be careful about talking on them. Because, if you say anything wrong about yourself or if you give a negative first impression, this can cause a failure on the interview. So, be careful on such questions.


Another question series can be about stress. They can ask you “Are you patient during a stressful operation?” as a personality question in interview. With this question, they try to know your behavior during a stressful day or on a stressful operation. If you are not a patient person, then this question is a little difficult for you. Because, they are trying to learn this. And if you show that you are not a patient person, then, this can be a failure reason also.



Important Suggestion For Personality Interview



We have talked about what are HR Interview Questions. We have give examples ojn these job interview questions. But you should take into account one important point before these interviews.


Human resources are the professional employees who know human psychology very well. You can not cheat them about your personality. So, you should be honest on these questions.


Even being honest is a good habit, sometimes you can answer such questions professionally. For example about your weakness, you can talk less and you can talk about your strengths more. In other words you can learn how to sell yourself to a human resource professional and this can help you on such job interview. As a summary, you can be a seller not a lier ;)


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