CLI Commands Cheat Sheets

In this CLI Command Cheat Sheet Page, You will find most used Configuration Commands of Cisco, Juniper, Nokia and Huawei.

You can both view Command Line Cheat Sheet Online and you can DOWNLOAD it to use anywehere Offline. Enjoy!

exitexit/upexit allquit
endexitexit allreturn
| include| match| match| include
… formal || display-set
reloadrequest system rebootadmin reboot nowreboot
show running-configshow configurationadmin display-configdisplay current-configuration
show startup-configdisplay saved-configuration
configure terminalconfigure / editconfiguresystem view
hostname hostnamesystem host-name  hostnamesystem name  systemnamesysname  systemname
show  (after conf change)show  | compareinfo (after conf change)
commitcommitadmin savesave
shut downdisableshut downshut down
no shut downdelete interfaces x disableno shutdownundo shut down
show clockshow system uptimeshow system timedisplay clock
show ntp statusshow ntp statusshow system ntpdisplay ntp-service status
show historyshow cli historyhistorydisplay history-command
show platformshow chassis fpcshow card,  show mdadisplay device pic-status
admin show platformshow chassis fpc detailshow card detail,  show mda detaildisplay device
show environmentshow chassis environment
show inventoryshow chassis hardware
admin show environment | include PMshow chassis hardware | match PSMshow chassis  environment power-supplydisplay power
show diagsshow chassis hardwareshow chassis environment
show memory summaryshow chassis routing engineshow system memory-poolsdisplay memory-usage
show processes cpushow system processes extensiveshow system cpudisplay cpu-usage
show usersshow system usersshow system usersdisplay users
show versionshow versionshow versiondisplay version
show licencedisplay licence
show system alarmsshow system alarmsdisplay alarm all / active
show chassis alarms
show arpshow arpshow router arpdisplay arp all
show interfaceshow interfacesshow router interfacedisplay ip interface
show interface interfaceshow interfaces interfaceshow port portdisplay ip interface interface
show interface interface statisticsshow port port statistics
show interface briefshow interface terseshow router interface summarydisplay ip interface brief
show policy-mapshow class-of-service interfaceshow router policy
show policy-map interfaceshow interfaces queue
show routeshow routeshow router route-tabledisplay ip routing-table
show route summaryshow route summaryshow router route-table summary
show route ipv6show route table inet6.0show router route-table ipv6display ipv6 routing-table
show route-mapshow policyshow router policydisplay route-policy
show snmpshow snmp statisticsshow snmp countersdisplay snmp statistics
show tcpshow system connectionsshow system connectionsdisplay tcp statistics
show ipv4 trafficshow system statisticsdisplay ip statistics
show protocolsshow route protocol
show flashshow flashfile   ( + dir )dir flash:
show filesystemshow system storagedir
show bfd sessionshow bfd sessionshow router bfd sessiondisplay bfd session all
show bfd interfaces location xshow router bfd interfacedisplay bfd interface
show interfaces be xshow interfaces aexshow lag xdisplay interface Eth-Trunk x
show interfaces be x detailsshow interfaces aex detailsshow lag x detail
show lag x associations
ping ip_addressping  ip_addressping  ip_addressping  ip_address
traceroute  ip_addresstraceroute  ip_addresstraceroute  ip_addresstracert  ip_address
no debugundebug allno debugundo debugging
monitor interface interfacemonitor interface interfacemonitor port port
terminal monitormonitor start messagesterminal monitor /terminal trapping
terminal monitor disablemonitor stop messagesundo  terminal monitor
show tech-supportrequest support infoadmin tech-supportdisplay diagnostic-information
show loggingshow log messagesshow log log-id 99 (all)display logbuffer
show controllers interfaceshow interfaces diagnostic optics interfacedisplay controller
show access-listsshow firewallshow filter ip xdisplay acl x
clear counters interfaceclear interface statistics interfaceclear counter interface xxreset counters interface xx
clear arp-cacheclear arpclear router arpreset arp
clear cefreset ip fast-forwarding
clear route *clear ip routeclear router route-advreset ip forwarding-table statistis protocol all
clear access-list countersclear firewallclear filter
clear line linerequest system logout username
show ospf (summary)show ospf overviewshow router ospf statusdisplay ospf brief
show ospf databaseshow ospf databaseshow router ospf databasedisplay ospf lsdb
show ospf interfaceshow ospf interfaceshow router ospf interfacedisplay ospf interface
show ospf neighborshow ospf neighborshow router ospf neighbordisplay ospf nexthop
show route ospfshow route protocol ospfshow router ospf routesdisplay ip routing-table protocol ospf
show ospf virtual-linksshow router ospf virtual-linkdisplay ospf vlink
show ospf statisticsshow ospf statisticsshow router ospf statisticsdisplay ospf statistics
display isis interfaceshow isis interfaceshow router isis interfacedisplay isis interface
show clns neighborshow isis adjacencyshow router isis adjacenydisplay isis peer
show isis databaseshow isis databaseshow router isis databasedisplay isis lsdb
show isis topologyshow isis  topologyshow router isis topology
show isis routesshow isis routeshow router isis routesdisplay isis route
show isis spf-logshow isis spf logshow router isis spf-logdisplay isis spf-log
show isis statisticsshow isis statisticsshow router isis statisticsdisplay isis statistics
clear clns neighborsclear isis adjacencyclear router isis adjacency
clear isis *clear isis databaseclear router isis database
clear isis statisticsclear isis statisticsclear router isis statistics
show bgpshow route protocol bgpshow router bgp routesdisplay bgp routing-table
show bgp communityshow route community
show bgp neighborsshow bgp neighborshow router bgp neighbordisplay bgp peer
show bgp peer-groupshow bgp groupshow router bgp groupdisplay bgp group
show bgp summaryshow bgp summaryshow router bgp summarydisplay bgp peer
show route bgpshow route protocol bgpshow router bgp routesdisplay ip routing-table protocol bgp
clear bgpclear bgp neighborclear bgpreset bgp all
clear bgp nexthop registrationclear bgp neighborclear bgp next-hop
show mpls interfaceshow mpls interfaceshow router mpls interfacesdisplay mpls interface
show mpls ldp summaryshow ldp overviewshow mpls ldp summarydisplay mpls ldp all
show mpls ldp interfaceshow mpls ldp interfaceshow router ldp interfacedisplay mpls ldp interface
show mpls ldp bindingsshow router ldp bindings
show mpls ldp neighbor briefshow ldp neighborshow router ldp sessiondisplay mpls ldp adjacency
show rsvp interfaceshow rsvp interfaceshow router rsvp interfacedisplay mpls rsvp-te interface
show rsvp neighborsshow rsvp neighborshow router rsvp neighborsdisplay mpls rsvp-te peer
show rsvp sessionshow rsvp sessionshow router rsvp sessiondisplay mpls rsvp-te session x
show rsvp countersshow rsvp statisticsshow router rsvp statisticsdisplay mpls rsvp-te statistics global
show mfib/mrib routeshow multicast routeshow mfib/mrib routedisplay multicast routing-table
show multicast statisticsdisplay multicast flow-statistic
show pim interfaceshow pim interfacesshow router pim interfacesdisplay pim interface
show pim neighborshow pim interfacesshow router pim  neighbordisplay pim neighbor
show pim group-mapshow pim groupshow router pim group
show ip pim rp mappingshow pim rpsshow router pim rpdisplay pim rp-info
show pim trafficshow pim statisticsshow router pim statistics
show mrouteshow mfibdisplay multicast routing-table
show igmp interfaceshow igmp interfaceshow router igmp interfacedisplay igmp interface
show igmp groupsshow igmp groupshow router igmp group
show igmp trafficshow igmp statisticsshow router igmp  statistics
show mld interfaceshow mld interfaceshow router mld interfacedisplay igmp interface
show mld groupsshow mld groupshow router mld groupdisplay igmp group
show mld trafficshow mld statisticsshow router mld statistics
show vrrp interface interfaceshow vrrp interface interfaceshow router vrrp instance interfacedisplay vrrp interface interface
show vrrp statusshow vrrp briefdisplay vrrp brief
show vrrp summaryshow vrrp summary
show vrrp statisticsshow vrrp statisticsdisplay vrrp statistics
COMMAND LINE CHEAT SHEET (Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Huawei)                             Copyright © 2018-2019, By Gokhan Kosem www.ipcisco.com


Cisco Command Cheat Sheet


In this Cisco Command Cheat Sheet age, you find the most used Cisco commands in real world. You will both learn new commands and recall the Cisco commands that you have already know. Here, you will not only learn Cisco commmands but also you will find the Juniper, Nokia and Huawei equivalent of these Cisco commands on Cisco Command Cheat Sheet.


In the computer networks world there are various router, switch and other network equipment vendors. The top four of these network device vendors are Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Nokia. These different vendors has different CLI Commands. Network engineers can work on different vendors’ router and switches during their career. During configurations, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting activities, sometimes some of the CLI commands can be forgotten. CLI Commands Cheat Sheets are created to remind these commands to the network engineers. With CLI Commands Cheat Sheets, you will find of four vendor’s router/switch commands as Cisco vs Juniper vs Huawei vs Nokia Commands. Here, you can compare these top four vendor commands as, Cisco vs Juniper commands, Cisco vs Nokia commands, Cisco vs Huawei commands, Juniper vs Nokia commands, Juniper vs Huawei  commands and Nokia vs Huawei commands.


With this CLI Command Comparison pdf, you will remember many commands of Cisco, Juniper, Nokia and Huawei. During your hands on practice, this Cheat Sheets will help you a lot! Sometimes, it reminds you the important commands, sometimes it will teach you a new command on a different vendor CLI.


In the theory, the protocols are standards generally. But the protocol configurations are different on different vendor devices. If an engineer know how to configure a protocol or a concept on a vendor, he/she can easily configure the same thing on another vendor CLI. This comparison pdf will also help such engineers that know one vendor and need a little help on another vendor comand line.


With this CLI Comparison pdf, configurations will be easier anymore. You can use this document Online, or you can download it and use on your computer. Anymore, you do not need to search for the specifici command of Cisco, Juniper, Nokia anfd Huawei. You can find generally used commands on these top four vendor on CLI Comparison pdf.



Cisco Command Cheat Sheet : Cisco vs Juniper vs Nokia vs Huawei Commands


Cisco vs Juniper Commands / Cisco vs Nokia Commands / Cisco vs Huawei Commands


On the left side of the Cheat Sheet pdf, you will find Cisco commands. Cisco is the most used vendor in network world and almost every network engineer is familier with Cisco commands. This first colums of CLI Commands Cheat Sheets, will be both a reminder of this commands for the network engineers who already know the Cisco commands, and a reference for new network engineers. In this document, you can compare Cisco vs Juniper commands, Cisco vs Nokia commands, Cisco vs Huawei commands.


Generally network engineers compare Cisco commands with the other vendor commands that they are working on. With this Cisco Command Cheat Sheet pdf, you will compare other vendors commands with Cisco Commands easily.



Juniper vs Cisco Commands / Juniper vs Nokia Commands / Juniper vs Huawei Commands


Next to Cisco, you will find Juniper commands. So, you can compare Cisco vs Juniper commands with these two columns. On these two columns you will see the main command differences between these two network vendors. If we give an example to compare Cisco vs Juniper commands, we can give the configuration display command. On Cisco, to display the running config, we use “show running-config” command. On the other hand, on Juniper, we use “show configuration” for the same action. To give another example to compare, we can check how to change a router’s name. On Cisco, we use “hostname XYZ” to change a router’s name as XYZ. On Juniper, we use “system host-name XYZ” for the same action.



Nokia vs Cisco Commands / Nokia vs Juniper Commands / Nokia vs Huawei Commands


On CLI Commands Cheat Sheets , on  the third column, you will find Nokia commands (formerly Alcatel-Lucent commands). With this third column, you can compare Cisco vs Nokia commands and Juniper vs Nokia commands. If we give an example to compare Cisco vs Nokia commands , we can check configuration display again. On Cisco, to show running-config, we use “show running-config”, on Nokia, to display configuration, we use “admin display-config” command. There is also a  command difference between Juniper and Nokia CLI. If we compare Juniper vs Nokia commands, and the same example for Juniper vs Nokia commands, to display configuration on Juniper, “show configuration” command is used instead of Nokia “admin display-config” command.



Huawei vs Cisco Commands / Huawei vs Juniper Commands / Huawei vs Nokia Commands


The last column on the CLI Commands Cheat Sheets, is for Huawei commands in this Cisco Command Cheat Sheet. With this column, you can compare  Cisco vs Huawei commands, Juniper  vs Huawei commands and Nokia  vs Huawei  commands. The main difference of Huawei CLI commands is “display” commands. In all the other three vendor, to check any configuration, we use “show” commands. In Huawei, “display” commands are sued to show the configurations. Like “display” command, with CLI Commands Cheat Sheets, you can find the opportunity to compare Huawei vs Cisco Commands, Huawei vs Juniper commands and Huawei vs Nokia commands. Huawei CLI is mainy similar to Cisco CLI. Certainly there are main differences between Cisco and Huawei CLIs. In the document, you will find the main differences and the similarities between Cisco and Huawei CLIs.



Cisco vs Juniper vs Huawei vs Nokia Cheat Sheets 


To sum up, with the help of CLI Commands Cheat Sheets pdf, you can compare Cisco vs Juniper vs Huawei vs Nokia Commands. You will learn and remind Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Nokia Commands. CLI Commands Cheat Sheets will be a perfect assistant for your hands on experience on Cisco, Juniper, Nokia and Huawei CLI.


You can use CLI Commands Cheat Sheets pdf online or you can download it and you can use on your computer. As always, with CLI Commands Cheat Sheets pdf, www.ipcsico.com aims to help network experts and network expert candidates.


Beside CLI Comparison pdf, you can also use another Cheat Sheets of ipcisco.com. In the other Cheat Sheets, you can find the important protocols’s summaries, network concept brief information, cable standards etc. As CLI Cheat Sheet, other Cheat Sheets are very popular between ipcisco.com followers. I hope it will be useful for all of your network operations!




You can also check CLI Cheat Sheet Page by Page.

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