Cisco Packet Tracer Lab Course

 Packet Tracer Lab Course

Cisco Hands On Experience

by gokhankosem
40 Hours
43 Lessons
220 Students

Cisco Hands On Course is the Best Practical Cisco Configuration Course ever, that is prepared with Cisco Packet Tracer! You will both learn/practice all the CCNA lessons and you will use this lab examples for your CCNP ENCOR and CCIE studies. To practice these labs, you can also download all the labs in this course in Cisco Packet Tracer Configuration Files section on!




In Cisco Hands On Course you will learn almost all the configurations that you can do with Cisco Packet Tracer. You will have experience on Many Protocols and Network Concepts with this Cisco Practice Course. You can learn both following the lessons and practicing by yourself on your own computer. These labs are created for you to do more practice on Cisco configuration lessons.


Cisco Hands On Course is a Configuration Oriented course that will give you Hands on Experience for different Protocols and concepts on Cisco Routers and Switches. So, to benefit from this training, you should practice by yourself also. You can do the same configurations on your own computer and own packet tracer.


This course will also be very efficient for your Network Certification Exams! Especially for their Lab Parts. You will be familir with all Cisco Labs and you will easily configure similar Cisco Questions.


From all levels and different expertises, many Network Engineers, Core Engineers, Telecom professionals, Trainees, Students etc. use Cisco Packet Tracer to simulate their network. With Cisco Hands On Course, you will be a Cisco Configuration Expert and You will have an Excellent Hands on Experience!


In Cisco Hands On Course, you will have CCNACCNP and CCIE level Lab Examples and their Configurations!



Cisco Packet Tracer Course Lessons

In this Cisco practice training, you will find a lot of Cisco Labs. You can both follow the lessons and then you can try each of these labs to practice by yourself. With more practice, you will learn better and you will improve your configuration experience. So, What Will You Learn in Cisco Hands On Course? These lessons are:


  • Basic Router/Switch Configurations
  • IPv4 Routing Protocol Configurations
  • IPv6 Routing Protocol Configurations
  • WAN Configurations
  • DHCP Configuration
  • NAT Configuration
  • Port Security Configuration
  • Access List Configurations
  • SNMP Configuration
  • VLAN Configuration
  • Inter VLAN Configurations
  • Private VLAN Configuration
  • Spanning Tree Configurations (STP, RSTP)
  • Neighbor Discovery Configurations
  • Etherchannel Configurations
  • First Hop Redundancy Configurations (HSRP, VRRP, GLBP)
  • MPLS Configurations


To Have Cisco Hands Experience with Informative Configurations on Cisco Packet Tracer, You Can Take Our Cisco Hands On Course! If you also practice by yourself together with this course, you will be ready both for your certification exams and your real world network operations.


To download Cisco Packet Tracer, you can visit Here, you can easily download this simulator program and you can easily install it to your computer. After the installation, you can start to practice various Cisco Labs on this simulator.




Why Hands On Experience Is Important?

As a network engineer or a network administrator, you will work with Cisco routers and switches always. To configure a router and switch you should be familieer with these devices. In other words, you should have hands on experience. With this Cisco Packet Tracer Course, you will gain Cisco hands on experince. There will be many router and switch configuration examples in this training. The only thing you should do is, following the courses and practice the same labs on your own PC. To do this, you can download Packet Tracer Configurations.


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