PPP Configuration on Cisco


PPP Configuration on Cisco

In this lesson, we will talk about PPP Configuration on Cisco Routers. PPP is the general standard for point-to-point wan connection.

For our PPP Configuration example, we will use the below basic topology:


Let’s start to configure PPP for this topology.

Enabling PPP

To configure PPP, firstly we will enable PPP and after that, we will configure the interface ip addresses.

Router1# configure terminal
Router1(config) # interface Serial 0/0/0
Router1(config-if) # encapsulation ppp
Router1(config-if) # ip address
Router1(config-if) # exit

Now, let’s configure Router 2 for PPP like above.

Router2# configure terminal
Router2(config) # interface Serial 0/0/0
Router2(config-if) # encapsulation ppp
Router2(config-if) # ip address
Router2(config-if) # exit

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