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(New Version : Exam 200-301 )

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CCNA Certification

 CCNA Certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is one of the most popular and most common Network Certification in Network and IT World. It is the Associate-level certification of Cisco.

Till 24 February 2020. Cisco CCNA Certification mainly focuses to Basics of Computer Networks, Routing and Switching. After 24 February 2020, CCNA Content will be updated and new areas wil be added to CCNA Lessons.

CCNA Lessons

In CCNA, you learn;

  • Network Fundamentals,
  • Basic Networking Concepts,
  • IP Connectivity,
  • IP Services,
  • Protocols,
  • Routing and Switching

After 24 February 2020, there will be also the below areas on Cisco CCNA and CCNA Exam:

  • Network Security,
  • Automation,
  • Network Programmability.

Beside these general topics, you will also gain hands on experience on Cisco Routers and Switches with Configuration Practices on the new Cisco CCNA Exam.

CCNA Certification Exam

CCNA Certification is one step away from you. To get your CCNA , you need to pass;

  • CCNA 200-125 Exam

Till 24 Februrary 2020. After 24 February 2020 Cisco Exams will be updated and to have a CCNA Cert you will have to pass the new CCNA exam;

  • CCNA 200-301 Exam

You can find the details of Cisco Certification Updates and Cisco Next Level Certifications’ details on


You can also visit Cisco’s CCNA Certification Page.

CCNA Salary and CCNA Jobs

CCNA is one of the important network certifications. So, if you have a CCNA Certification, this will creat a difference in your career. A network engineer who has a CCNA Certification is always one step front of a network engineer without a certification.


CCNA gives you the foundation of computer networks, and with this certification you can get Associate-level Job roles on IT and Network World.


The Salary of CCNA, in other words a earning of a Network Engineer with CCNA changes in different countries. To learn about these CCNA Salaries, you can visit CCNA Salary page of

CCNA Course Content

  • Network Fundamentals
  • IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • TCP and UDP
  • LAN Switching and Ethernet
  • Virtual LANs
  • Spanning Tree
  • Neighbor Discovery
  • Etherchannels
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP)
  • Inter VLAN Routing
  • WLAN Technologies
  • DHCP and DNS
  • NAT
  • First Hop Redundancy
  • Port Security
  • Access Lists
  • SNMP
  • Cisco IOS CLI
  • Quality of Service
  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • SDN Basic

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