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What Does a CCNA Earn in a Month?


Network Engineering and Network Technician Jobs are one of the popular Jobs in Information Technology. With the development of Computer Networks this need has increased and many Network Experts are needed for different level Network Jobs. CCNA is the beginning certification level for Network related jobs. Especially for the freshers and entry level network engineers, this Cisco Certification is a key for the entrance of thieir Network Carieer. In this article we will focus on CCNA Jobs and CCNA Salary.


There are different countries all over the world and as all the other jobs, CCNA Jobs has diffferent salary ranges. These CCNA Salary Ranges are higher in developed countries like USA, UK and Canada. Beside, there are lower CCNA Salaries in less developed countries. And these range of these slaries are in the avarage in some of the countries. These countries are also developed countries but not like USA, Canada etc. We can give  Brasil and Turkey as an example to these countries.



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Average Slaries for CCNA Engineers


There are thousands of Network engineers all over the world. And many of these network engineers has the entry level certificarion of Cisco Networking, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). CCNA is the beginning level for network world, especially Cisco Network world. Because of the fact that Cisco is the most dominant vendor in Network World, CCNA certification is a nice starting certificaiton for a good Network Carreer start.



World has very different countries and all these countries has different Job Opportunities. So, for any jpb, we can not determine an exact avarage salary. So for fresh networkers, for CCNAs, we can not determine an exact determine a CCNA Entry Level Salary.




Even we can not give a certain value for the world, we can give a Range as CCNA Salary Entry Level. It is interesting but a true. The NET Salary of a CCNA range starts with 100$ Salary per montly and it reaches 4500$ per month it the most developed countries.


For example, in Venezuela one month CCNA slary is 100$ per month. This is really low rate for the other places of the world.


In Arabic Region for example in Algeria a CCNA earns 250$ per month while a newbei CCNA Engineer earns 2500$ per month in Dubai.


An entry level network engineer earns 1000$ per month in Russia and Indonesia, while an experienced network engineer with CCNA certification earns 400$ per month in Colombia and India. On the other hand, the CCNAs in USA, Canada, UK and Australia earn up to 4000-5000$ per month as NET


CCNA Salary With No Experience


As a beginner network engineer, or in other words as a CCNA with no experience, your Salary can be a little lower than an experienced CCNA. But with at least 1 year experience, this range can increase easily. Even this rate, CCNA Salary with no experience also can be a satisfied value in some countries.



Now, let’s check the CCNA Slaries in different countries!


Salaries in USA for CCNAs


CCNA Salary California


Beside highest CCNA Salary in California, with its developed technology and opportunities, USA can be a good alternative to work. Here, California is one of the most important places for CCNA Jobs. So, Salaries in California for CCNA can be a good driving force for an Entry Level Cisco Engineer.In USA, the Salary ranges for CCNA are very high if we compare it witht he other countries for CCNA Jobs. In different states and cities there are nice CCNA Job Opportunities with high salaries. For example in California, a network engineer who has a CCNA Certification earns  up to 4300$ per month as a NET salary. This is one of the highest salary value for a CCNA if we compare it with different countries.



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CCNA Salary in India


India is a country that computer networking is very popular. Especially Cisco networking is very important and has very opportunities for Entry Level CCNA Engineers.


CCNA Salary in India has different ranges. If we compare India CCNA Salaries with CCNA Slaries in USA, it is low. So, many experineced network engineers from India, has gone to USA for work on CCNA Jobs or for upper level jobs.


If we give an avarage CCNA Salary in India, we can give 300$ per month NET Salary. This range can be decrease to 200$ or increase 400$ in some places in India.


The salaries seems a little low in India if we comapre with the other parts of the world. But, India is one of the most technology focused country in the world. There are a lot of Indians are working in different company networks both for technicall or in higher levels. So, India and Indians can be the leader of future technology. So, taking this into account during your career can be very good for you.


CCNA Salary in Dubai


United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most popular places for network engineers. Especially, Dubai is a nice place for work. There are many CCNA Entry Level Jobs in Dubai and a CCNA Salary in Dubai is starting with 2500$ per month as a NET salary.


This starting salary can be changed certainly with more experinces. As a CCNA with no experience, you can earn 2500$ per month but CCNA Salary in Dubai can be increased up to 4000$ with a couple of  years experience.


With its touristic places and the high salary rates Dubai is a nice place to start a Network career. There are many network engineers are working in UAE on different network engineering roles. So, you can be one of them and enjoy both thic experience both for technically and socially.


CCNA Salaries UK

CCNA Salary in London


United Kingdom is also a nice place for an Entry Level Cisco Engineer. Especially London, there are many CCNA Job opportunities and CCNA Slary in London is very high. In London, an entry level CCNA engineer can start with 3500$ per month as NET salay and this can be up to 4000$ with a one year experience.

Certainly, there are different Salaries for different roles and different cities for CCNA Engineers. This avarage rates are an example for CCNA Salary in London.

United Kingdom is a nice Network Career start point especially with higher CCNA Salary in London.


CCNA Salary Canada

CCNAs in Toronto


As a CCNA Entry Level Engineer, you can start your career in Canada with a nice opportunity. There are many Network Jobs and the CCNA Salary in Canada is perfect for a beginner engineer. Especially CCNA Salary in Toronto can be very higher if we compare it with the other countries’s CCNA salaries.


At the north of America, you can start your Cisco Network Career and earn more money from your CCNA Certification. CCNA Certification is not only a certification for Canada, it is also a Career Path to gain more in Canada.


An avarage CCNA earns 4000$ NET per month in Canada. This salary can be change with your experiences and level. Beside the highe salary rates, if you would like to have confortable silent life in peace, Canada can be a very nice place for your to work.



CCNA Salaries in Australia


Australia is a little far place to work as Network Engineer becuase it is a far end of the world. But the salary ranges for CCNA is very nice. As a  fresh starter, you can get up to 3500-4000$ NET as CCNA Salary in Australia.

With its nature and its low population if we compare with the other part of the world, Autralia can be a nice selection for your Network Career. You can enjoy both the nature and high CCNA Salary in Autralia. Australia is a little far from the other parts of the world. But the life standards and network engineer salaries in this country really worth to it.




There are many websites to check many different Network Engineeing Roles. With these websites, you can searh your dream role in networking and apply over these channels. With a nice match, you can carch your dream role. So, do not waste your time and focus to search your dream network role.

You can also check the global slary analyze websites below:

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