15 Reasons To Have Cisco CCNA Certification!


In network world there are different vendors like Cisco, Nokia, Huawei, Juniper, HP etc. And all these vendors has their own networking certification paths. A network engineer candidate or an existing network engineer, starts one of these certifications paths and learn networking protocols and configurations with the help of these certification paths. Sometimes an experienced network engineer starts one of these paths and pass its exams to show his/her knowledge on networking. If we compare these certifications, Cisco CCNA Certifcation (Cisco certififed Network Associate) is one of the most known networking certification. In this post, we will focus on this wellknown network certification. We will learn why you should have pass CCNA 200-301 Exam and have CCNA Certification. In other words, we will answer your “why I should have Cisco CCNA Certification?” questions with 15 reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification.



CCNA is One of the Most Known Network Certification

First of all Cisco CCNA Certification is one of the most known network certification in networking World. Almost one of every two network engineer has this Cisco certification. Every network engineer even he/she is stuying for any certificaiton on networking, he/she knows CCNA (Cisco Certification Network Associate).


CCNA 200-301 Certification is not only a vendor certification anymore, but also an industry standard that shows the knowledge of Networking Fundamentals.  So, this is one of the reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification.



Cisco is The Networking Industry Leader

If you hear a world network or networking, the second word you recognize is Cisco. Because Cisco is the industry leader of computer networking. As a leader, Cisco produces a lot of networking devices that are currenly used in many computer networks and in the infrastructure of Internet. In other words, today Internete is working on motly with Cisco devices.


Certainly there are other vendors in computer networking industry. But Cisco is by far the leader of this Industry. For many network device market, more than the half of the industry belongs to Cisco.



First Step In Networking, Covers All Fundamentals

Cisco CCNA Certification covers all the basic network lessons that you need as a network engineer. As a reference certification path you can benefit from CCNA 200-301 studies for your network engineering practices before a real job or in you current network engineering role.


CCNA Certifications covers all the required protocols, standards and configuration lessons as a basic computer networking practice. With this certification, you learn the basics of networking. So, this is one of the reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification.



The Basis For High Level Certification Like CCNP & CCIE

If you would like to continue with higher level Cisco certifications like CCNP and CCIE, CCNA is a good starting point for you. Because, with CCNA, you learn the Fundamentals, the basics of networking and with this infrastructure, you can continue deeper with high level certifications.


To have an expert certification on netwoking, like CCNP or CCIE certification, you do not need to pass CCNA exam. Before, CCNA exam was a must to enter a higher level certification. Exam. Although, to learn netwoking detailly, firstly, you should know the Fundamentals. And CCNA study will give you this networking fundamentals.


You Learn Common Network Protocols And Standards

Another one of the reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification is about the content. Cisco CCNA covers all the basic network protocols and network standards that you need as a network engineer. This knowledge can be thought as an infrastructure for a deep knowledge.


Cisco CCNA covers, many different lessons like VLANs, Spanning Tree, Etherchannels, OSPF, EIGRP, DHCP, DNS and more. You learn the basics of these common protocols and standards with CCNA studies.



You Can Learn How to Configure Routers And Switches Quickly

 Network engineering needs two capability. One of them is about the knowledge on theorical networking lessons and the other is configuring different protocols on different network topologies. During CCNA Certification Studies, you also know how to configura Cisco routers and Cisco switches for basic networking standards and protocols.


With various configuration examples, you get familier with Cisco devices and Cisco IOS. You gain Cisco hands on experience on Cisco routers and switches with the help of similator/emulator programs during Cisco CCNA Studies. So, configutation practices can be one of the reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification.



CCNA Shows You Know The Networking Fundamentals

If you complete a CCNA Tranining or a CCNA Course, this shows you are familier with the fundamentals of computer networking or Cisco networking. If you pass, CCNA 200-301 Exam, then this is a stronger sign that you know these CCNA lessons. So, in networking industry, Cisco CCNA Certification can be a sign that you can be a network engineer.


Certainly any certifcation is not enough by itslef to do a job. But it can be a strong sign that you know important points of that job. So, Cisco CCNA Certification is one of the signs of your networking knowledge.



Human Resources Search CCNA For Network Roles

 Human resources that are looking for a network engineer, a network administrator or a network technician, they generally search “CCNA” word. They know that, a CCNA Certification shows that, the canditate has the required basic knowledge on networking area.


Especially for the beginners or for thhe junior network engineers, CCNA is very valuable. Because, human resources generally focus on CCNA Certification for the beginner roles. Even for some senior and expert roles, Cisco Certified Network Associate is very important.


Human resources put this requirements also on the job descriptions. I think you also see such descriptions that are looking for a Cisco CCNA Certification or any study on this certifcation path. So, Cisco certifications are very critical on netowking job hirings and Cisco CCNA is one of the most important certification for this. Because, almost half of the networking job advertismeents includes CCNA Certification as top networking talent.



CCNA Makes You More Valuable Employee

If you are also working in a company as a network technician, a network engineer or a network adminstrator, Cisco CCNA Certification makes you more valuable employee. Becaus eof the fact that CCNA certification is an industry standard certification, this certification improves the value of your compnay. So, you become a valuable employee.


Beside this, your company and your managers know that, you are following a network certification path. This shows your ambition to leatn new things on networking and improve yourself. It also shows that you will be a more experienced network guy in your area after this certification study period. So, companies and managers always like such employees.


If you study for CCNA Certification, your manager and lead will know that you are learning and improving your networking skills. You become more valuable network engineer, network technician or network administrator with these efforts.



A CCNA Certification Increases Your Salary

With a certification, if you add your career a value, your company add also a value to itself. In other words, if you become an certified network engineer with a Cisco CCNA certification, this makes you more professional in your company and in network industry. So, this makes you more valueable and so it increases your salary.


According to different surveys, the certified network engineers earn almost %10-20 more than a network engineer that has no certification. This salary increase can be in your career during your job or at the beginning you deal with a higher salary with your Cisco CCNA certification.



 A Planned Study and Learning Period

With CCNA Studies, you have a plan. With this plan, you can cover all the required network lessons. So, there is no gap in your basic knowledge with CCNA study. CCNA covers all the basics of networking lessons.


Without a plan, learning period is not efficient. You can learn some parts strongly but you do not have an opinion on another areas. But with a good study plan like CCNA 200-301 Exam Study plan, you cover all the required network lessons.



Keeps You Up to Date On Network Technologies

CCNA is one of the most common computer networks certification in network industry. So, it always covers the key and evolving Technologies in networking. If you learn current CCNA lessons, you also learn the basicsof the latest technology on networking.


You can keep yourself up to date with CCNA. Becasue CCNA covers all you need on netwoking at the date you are in. With updates in different periods, CCNa lessons are also updated and this makes this certification an up to date network certification. This is also one of the reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification.



CCNA Also Covers Other Vendor Beginning Certifications

Network standards and protocols are same for all vendors and for all networking activities. The different parts are the configurations of the network devices. So, if you learn networking protocols and standards with a network certification path, you learn common part of networking. So, if you learn these lessons from CCNA trainings or courses, this meands that you also know the theorical parts of other vendors’s network certification paths.


The equivalent of Cisco CCNA Certification are Huawei HCIA, Juniper JNCIA and Nokia NRS I. Certainly there can be some differences between these certificaiton lessons, but mainly these certifications are the entrence certifications to network World. If you complete CCNA lessons, you also complete many of the lessons of the other vendors. So, after CCNA Exam, and getting your CCNa certification, you can take also other vendor’s certification exams like Huawei HCIA, Nokia NRS I, Juniper JNCIA.



Many Companies Pays CCNA Exam Fees

There are different countries and thay has different economic situation. So, for some countries, the network certification exams are very expensive. So, network engineers can not take their exams, pass and get their certification. But there is always a way for such problems.


Cisco CCNA is one of the most supported certifications by companies. Many company support your studies and CCNA 200-301 exam fees. In other words, compnaies can pay Cisco CCNA certification exam fees instead of you. If you talk with your company, they probably support you. So, we can count this support between one of the reasons to have Cisco CCNA Certification.


You Can Prepare For CCNA From Different Resources

CCNA is one of the most important networking certification. So, there are a lot of resources for CCNA on Internet. You can follow blogs, read articles on CCNA lessons, watch CCNA videos on youtube, you can take a Udemy CCNA course etc. It is easy to find resources on Internet for CCNA.


But searching CCNA resources on internet can has some bad parts. Because, if you learn for each lessons on internet, every time you spent your valauble time. And there are different resources on internet, they can be fully correct or they can have common mistakes. So, instead of struggiling on internet for CCNA lessons, it is better to follow a CCNA course or a CCNA training.


To follow a CCNA course or a CCNA training, following a wellknown IT blog can be a better alternative. At this point, IPCisco.com is a good alternative for you CCNA studies.


On IPCisco.com you can;

  • Take CCNA Courses both text based and video,
  • Watch lab practice videos,
  • Download lab files,
  • You can solve practice questions
  • You can practice before your Network Job Interview,
  • You can get quick reference Cheat Sheets.


As a summary, IPCisco.com CCNA Course and other resources for CCNA on IPCisco.com, can be a good CCNA study journey for you. Not only for Cisco CCNA Certification but also for Huawei HCIA, Nokia NRS I and Juniper JNCIA, IPCisco.com has courses.


By the way, IPCisco.com has elected as “Best Certification Study Journey” on 2019 Cisco IT Blog Awards at 2020. And with this awards it shows the quality of its resources on different certification courses and resources.


And again at 2020, as an instructor of IPCisco, I (Gokhan Kosem) have elected as “Cisco Champion 2020“ with IPCisco.com. And currently, I am involving the activities of Cisco Champions to improve networking world more. 


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