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How much is a network engineer salary?

Network Engineering is one of the trend jobs in the World. Large or small, almost all companies has a network part and so they need network engineers. These companies can be large vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Huawei, HP etc. or, they can be small sized companies that has small networks. To manage these large backbones, medium network sor small lans, network engineers are needed all over the World. Even if there are many network engineers in the World, the computer network technology area is also developing and this need is increasing day by day. With this need, a network engineer salary is also in an increasing trend. So, in this article we will try to answer “how much is the salary for a network engineer” question detailly and clarify you about the salaries for network administrators. By the way, we will talk about the NET Salaries here.


Network engineers can install, manage, operate and troubleshoot different sized networks and network devices. From the installation period of a network device, up to its swap, network engineers are responsible all the activities about these devices.


There are different vendor devices as various network equipments. The main network equipments are sameand they do the same jobs. Hubs, Switches, Routers, Firewalls etc. But, different network devices need different expertises.  Because the producer of these devices are different and their devices, operation systems etc. are also different. For example, Cisco routers are similar to Huawei routers. But the command line interface that you will execute your router commands are different. To configure a Cisco device, you should be a Cisco Network Engineer. And To become a Cisco Network Engineer you should have Cisco Certifications like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE. Or if you are working on Nokia routers, you should know Nokia routers and its cli. You can have Nokia Certifications like NRS I, NRS II, SRA. Or you are working with Huawei or Juniper devices. It will be perfect to have Huawei Certifications like HCIA, HCIP, HCIE or Juniper Certifications like JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP, JNCIE.


Certainly as a network engineer knowing different network vendor devices are very important. Some of these knowledge also gives a network engineers , network administrators more power.  Especially Cisco Network Engineers are very popular in different companies. Because, Cisco is the leader of Network World and its network devices are being used all over the World. So, a Cisco Network Engineer Salary is also higher.


On the other hand, if you know another vendor device, if you have experience on another cli, this is perfect for you. Because, almost all network engineers know Cisco. With a experience on a different vendor’s device, you will become a rare person and maybe this experience will give you the job of your dreams. In other words, with more vendors salaries for network administrators increase.


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High Salaries for Network Engineers

Like all salaries, network engineer salaries are also changing between different countries.  The most popular countries between Network Engineers are United States, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. We can easily say that if a “united” keyword is used in a county name, salary for a network engineer in that country is too much dolars:)


In these countries, a network engineer salary can begin from 6000-7000$ per month to 10000-15000$ per month acording to his/her experience. These ranges are amazing values fort he rest of the World. So, many network engineers are focusing to develop theirselves and gain more experience to have a chance to work in these countries. As you know, to achieve this, you must be one of the best network engineers.


Almost all network engineer especially newbies look for “network engineer salary new york city”, “network engineer salary uk”, “network engineer salary canada”, “network engineer salary australia”  or “network engineer salary dubai” on Google. These search are also give more power to the newbies because of the results of these amazing salaries. So, I also offer you to do this and then focus to yourself to reach your dreams ;)


Let’s go a little deeply and chech the salary ranges in diffferent countries.


Network Engineer Salary US

United State is the most popular place to work for a network engineer. United States is the most developed country in the World and the technology is always high level . So, both for career, learning more and better trend network engineering activities United State is a nice place to work.


To work in US as a network engineer is a little hard but if you achieve this, you will get a perfect change bot for your career, family and bank account :)  The salaries for network administrators are beginning from 7000$ to 15000$ in United States. This can be vary in different states certainly. A network engineer salary in New York City can be a little more than a network engineer salary in Seattle. This range can change  also for the city that you find your job.


Network Engineer Salary Canada

Canada a little far but a nice salary country for Network Engineers. A network engineer in Canada can earn between 7000$ and 13000$ according to his/her experience. This salaries can increase if you work in the areas that has low population.


Especially as immigrant, many network engineers has started to work in Canada. Because of this opportunity, “network enginer salary canada” is very popular in many countries’ Google searches.


Network Engineer Salary UK

United Kingdom is a nice country to work for a network engineer. In UK, job alternatives and salaries are too much for a network engineer. A network salary in London can be from 6000$ to 12000$. These ranges can be changed according to your past job experience and career. If you are an experienced engineer who have more than 5 years experience, London can be a good destination for you to develop your career and earn more money.


Finding a job in London is also easy that finding the one in United States. Beause, there are many head hunters are looking for Network Engineers and there are many open roles in different networking roles.



Network Engineer Salary Dubai

United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai is very popular between network engineers. Dubai is a small but a developed city with amazing buildings, different areas, great hotels and its sea. Beside these beauties, high network engineer salaries are also a reason for this high search, network engineer salary dubai.


A Network Engineer in Dubai can earn 7000$ to 15000$ acording to his/her experience and the company’s availability. Working in a nice city and earning more effect network engineers a lot. So, Dubai and United Arab Emirates become a popular working place for network engineering jobs.


Medium Network Engineer Salaries

For medium Salaries in the World , I will give you three country: Brasil, Mexico and Turkey. Here, I will write the title of each country with their own language:) Let’s learn about Brasil, Mexico and  Tuurkey.


Salário De Engenheiro De Rede Brasil

I prefer to use its Portugese words here ;) So, “Qual é o salário de um engenheiro de redes no Brasil?” :) In Brasil, a Junior Network Engineer can start a network engineering role with 1200-1500$. Through Senior levels, or example a 5 years experiences enigneer in Rio, can earn 3000$ per month. This value increases more for an Expert Network Engineer.


Salario Ingeniero De Red Mexico

How about Mexico? In Mexico City Salary for a Network Engineer can start a role with avarage 1000$. This value reaches 2000$ with a Senior Level Role. So, “Salario Ingeniero De Red Mexico” is in the middle range for such roles.



Türkiye ’de Network Mühendisleri Ne Kadar Kazanıyor?

In Turkey, Junior Network Engineers can start their roles with almsot 1000$. With more experiences and years, for example 4-5 years, salaries for network administrators increases to 1800-2000$. After 10 years of experience, if your are an Expert Network Engineer, you can earn up to 3000$. Certainly, there are specific salaries for specific roles, higher or lower. But here, we are talking about the avarage values in Computer Network Area.


By the way, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Working in Turkey and enjoying Istanbul can be a nice choice for a Network Engineer. If he/she is not living with only routers and switches :)


Low Network Engineer Salaries

Up to know, we have talk about the highest, dreamed network engineer salaries and medium ones. Now, let’s talk about the low network engineer salaries in some countries.

A Network Engineer deserves more. But the economical situations in some countries are not good and the population is too high in some countries. So, the salaries for a network engineer are low in these countries.

So let’s check network engineering salaries in India and China.


Network Engineer Salary India

The highest Network Engineer Population in the World is in India. There are many Network Engineers, Network Experts in India. Because of the fact that India is a developing country, computer network and computer network jobs are also very popular in India. Beside this, India is the second high population country in the World after China. It is expected that, India will pass China and it will be the first at 2050 with its 1 billion 572.1 million population.


In such a crowded country, network engineers can find many jobs but the competetion will be more as it is now. The salaries in India is not too much. The avarage salary for a network engineer is 200-300$. With more than 5 year experience, this value can increase.

Beceuse of the low salaries, many Indian Network Engineers are working abroad and many of them dream to do this. And India is the most successfull nation in the World about this. Many key company’s CEO are Indians. This trend also true for network related jobs. Many network experts are working with very high network engineer salaries.


The most popular places to work between Indians are Canada and United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai. So, Indian network experts look for “network engineer salary canada” and “network engineer salary dubai” too muck ;)


Network Engineer Salary China


China is the most crowded country in the World. With this population, china is also a developing country. As many areas, computer networking is also an important area for China. There are many network engineers working in china. But the network engineer salaries for china is very low. It is getting better day by day with the development of the country. But for 2020, it is not high.


There is a big Chinese Network vendor, Huwei. Huawei is one of the most important place for a Chinese Network Engineer, but it is difficult to be a Huawei Engineer for a Chinese Network Engineer. They need to pass different steps to be a network engineer in a wellknown company in China.

To Be Successfull in Network Engineering Interviews

To be successfull in a network engineering interview, before the interview you should cover important network lessons. You can do this with various network questions, network scenarios etc. You can find a lot of training questions on There are three parts here for such trainings:

  • Lesson Quizes: The Quizes at the end of each lesson
  • All Quizes Page: Thousands of questions about different certifications and protocols
  • Technical Interview Training Page: There are three levels, Junior, Senior and Expert Level Real World Questions that you can practice before your real technical interview.

Especially Technical Training Page focus on this issue. You can find the trainings for all levels below:

At the end of the day, the Network Career in Network World can be like below :) So, be careful!


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