Amazing 28 Metaverse Jobs!

Metaverse is one of the most popular cases of today ’s and the near future’s technology world. Second life is the other name of this virtual universe. In the near future, Metaverse will be in our lives. Today, we are already using some new digital products that is also a part of this virtual world. And some of us are also start to work for Metaverse! So, what are the key jobs of Metaverse? In this post, we will discuss Amazing 20 Metaverse Jobs that will be important in the following years. These jobs are a little futuristic but we are sure that they are not too far from today.


With new technologies like AR/VR, Internet of Things, Web 3.0, 5G, Wi-Fi6 , gaming market has extremely developed. The development of this market has created Metaverse as Future of Internet. In other words, it is believed that, Metaverse will be the new internet. There are different Metaverse Companies working for this new tech. So, during this development and operation of Metaverse, new roles and jobs will appear. These jobs will be similar to some existing roles. But they will be more digital and online. Here, we will discuss these futuristic jobs of Metaverse one by one.




Below, you will find the popular Metaverse jobs of the future. So, let’s go and dive Metaverse jobs!



Futuristic Metaverse Jobs


Metaverse Developer


Software development is one of the key jobs of today. In the world of Metaverse, software developers will be very important again. But this time, we can change their names as Metaverse Developers. Because today, we can divide software engineers in different areas like Game Developer, Mobile Application Developer etc. Metaverse Developer is also a game developer but he/she will have more ability than a game developer. Because Metaverse will not be a game but the life itself maybe.


So, one of the top Metaverse jobs is Metaverse developers. If you would like to involve in the development team of any Metaverse company, you should learn different programming languages and you should mix your futuristic imagination with these coding capabilities



Metaverse Planner


The other important top Metaverse job is Metaverse Planners. Even a small program needs a plan. You cannot add or remove any parts without a plan. If you do this, in the near future, your program became a complex thing. This is also true for a large world, Second life. Because, we can not develop virtual world parts without a good plan. This can cause a chaos. So, Metaverse Planners will be here to plan anything in this virtual world.


For example, if he/she is working for a company that is developing games in Metaverse, he/she must plan all the details of this world. User interfaces, payment systems, backplane programming anything else. All these parts need to be planned and ready before the development period.



Metaverse Designer


Designing is very important in any are of real world. This is one of the key jobs of Metaverse too. In the Second life World, the parts that will be added to this world need to be designed by the experts. These experts will decide the resources that they will use, the platforms that they will interact etc. After planning and before the development period, Metaverse Designers will device the critical part of this world. They will design it and then the coding part of this world will be done.


So, as in other areas, in Virtual world, designers have a critical role. Their decide will determine the way of the Metaverse. This is not only for their companies but also for all Metaverse users.



Network Expert


Network engineers, network administrators and network experts. As today, in the Metaverse world, they will exist and manage the networks between the systems. But there will be different things in networking world. With Wi-Fi 6, 5G and Web 3.0, the connection types will change. Anymore, virtualization and cloud computing will be more critical in our lifes and in Second life. So, the working area of network engineers can go through cloud, virtualization together.


Network engineers will not only responsible of these two areas.  They will also responsible from network security, cyber security, automation etc. So, a network engineer must be an expert in different areas in the world of Metaverse. Cisco CCNA Engineering is the entrance of this world.



Avatar Style Designer


As you know, with Metaverse, 3D Avatars will be in our lifes. Each of us will have an avatar that represents us in the world of virtuality. So, how will be our Metaverse 3d avatars? How will be their styles. How will design their clothes?


Yes, they will have clothes as we have in real life! And as in real life, there will be stylists in Metaverse. So, fasion designers or avatar stylists will be a key job in this virtual universe. The designers will design the clothes of the avatars and the will route the Metaverse fasion.



Metaverse Marketer


Marketing has changed with digital media and social media. Anymore there is not only marketing but also, digital marketing. With SEO and social media management jobs, digital marketing is very important in today’s world. So, how will be in a Virtual world?


In this virtual world, the marketing will also evolve and anymore Metaverse Marketing and Metaverse Marketers will be in our lifes. They will try to explain anything about any product in the Metaverse world. They will try to change our minds about their brands. And maybe with the tools of Digital marketing like SEO and SocialMedia, they will have different tools and areas for marketing. So, the name of this new age marketing will evolve Metaverse Marketing. And it will be one of the top Metaverse jobs.



Metaverse Jobs: Metaverse Storyteller


Stories and Storytelling is becoming a very important capability in today’s world. It will be also a key one for Metaverse. Because, this new world will need new stories and the people who will create them. Metaverse Storyteller is the key person for this digital story world.


So, what will they do as Metaverse Storyteller? They will write the stories of the new worlds in Second life. They will create their history and story. This is especially important in gaming area. A game needs a great story and game storyteller do this job. So, in Virtual world, there will be more stories and we will need more Metaverse Storytellers.



Cyber Security Expert


Cyber Security is one of the most critical issues in real-life. It will be similar in this vitual world. So, cyber security experts will be very critical too in Metaverse. They will defend systems towards Metaverse hackers.


As a cyber security expert, one need to know many programs and coding. With this knowledge, as a white hat hacker, a metaverse cyber security expert defends this virtual world. There will be different threats in this new world beside the existing cyber threats. So, a cyber security expert in Metaverse need to be a real expert in security.



Metaverse Guide


Have you ever listen a guide in real-life? If yes, it is really amazing you know. Because they know all the details about the place that they explain. In Metaverse, there will be also guides, Metaverse Guides.


Metaverse Guides will tell us about this virtual world. They will give us key information about any place of this world. As you know, virtual universe is very large, the limit of it is the human creativity. So, in the future, there will be more areas, worlds that we need information about. And at this time, Metaverse Guides will help us and route us.



Virtual Ethic Expert


Ethic will be also another important area in this virtual world. But who will manage the ethic of this virtual world? Who will device this is true or false? How about the ethic? Here, Virtual Ethic Expert will be in the world of Metaverse.


As a Metaverse Virtual Ethic Expert, they will manage the ethic of this virtual world. So, people that are in Metaverse cannot do unethical behaviors. They will route the behavior part of Metaverse. They will be responsible from the ethic part of this new technology.



Metaverse Instructor


Online training is very important today. There are many online instructors teach a lot of things in various areas. In Metaverse, there will be also Online instructors that will teach anything in this world. But this time they will be in front of us with their 3D avatars. And with our AR/VR glasses, we will be in Metaverse Instructor ‘s class.


Metaverse Education will be led by Metaverse Instructors. There will be virtual classes, virtual boards, 3d virtual students and instructor in this education part. All of them will be virtual and in this virtual world. So, as a Metaverse Instructor, you will have an important role in the education of the future life.



Metaverse Lawyer


As in real life, there will be law for Metaverse for sure. And the Metaverse lawyers will be a critical role in this part. They will act as in real-life they will be the expert of law and manage our law related issues.


If you are a lawyer now, maybe you will be a lawyer in Metaverse too. But the laws of Metaverse is not known for now. In the future, there will be more clear information about this. Because this virtual universe will be in our lifes faster than we expected. Would you like to be a Metaverse Lawyer? Or metaverse Judge? Isn ‘t it interesting?



Metaverse Real Estate Agent


Have you ever bought a land? Or an house? Many people use lands, houses, stores as an investment tool and they are really profitable. How about in Metaverse? In Metaverse there are also lands for sale, houses, stores for sale etc. And who will manage this in this virtual world?


Yes! They are Metaverse Real Estate Agents! They will sell us the key lands, houses, stores in Metaverse. They will be the expert of this job in this digital world. As a Digital Real Estate Agent, you can offer new investments to users.



Metaverse Jobs: Data Analyst


Data is rising. With big data, the importance and the complexity of the data has increased. So, who will analyze and process this big data? Metaverse Data Analysts will do this job.


As a Metaverse Data Analyst, you will analyze big data and use this for various purposes. Sometimes you will use this data for yourself, sometimes you will do this for your company. This data will be used in various platforms like artificial intelligence. And the effect of your data will affect many areas of Metaverse. As a data analyzer, Metaverse Data Analyst will be very important in the future.



Metaverse Jobs: NFT Artists


NFTs are very important digital art product for now and for the age of Metaverse. So, Metaverse NFT Artists will have a key role for the art part of Second life. They will produce art and then they will convert it to NFTS. After that, they will sell these digital art products to us.


What will we do with such a virtual product? We can use it in our virtual homes, virtual galleries, exhibitions etc. You can also do NFT trading with these digital art products. So, Metaverse NFT Artist will be a key role in the art of the future.



Cryptocurrency Experts


There are a lot of cryptocurrencies and everyday a new one rises. They are already an investment in market today. In Metaverse, they will again. SO, new experts will be needed in this virtual world.


Metaverse Cryptocurrency experts will be the expert of digital assets. They will route you about your investments. They will tell you what to do and how to invest to these digital coins. They will be expert of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Mana, Sand, ENJ etc.



Investment Advisor


Who is managing your investments? You or your investment advisor.  You need an expert about the investing tools. This is a good way to earn money with investments. This is the life of the world. How about Virtual World? Who will manage this in this virtual universe?


Metaverse Investment Advisors will do this for you. They will be expert of this area and they can offer you what to do as an investment. This can be related to cryptocurrencies, virtual lands, virtual projects etc. Anything. Because in Metaverse, there will be digital version of all the things in the world. And your Metaverse Investment Advisor will manage your money in the future.



Metaverse Salesman/Saleswomen


In Metaverse, e-commerce will be an important area. So, both virtual products and real products will be sold in various platforms in the Second life. For example, you can buy a virtual clothe to your 3D avatar, or you can buy a real-life dress for you. You can buy an organization ticket for the entertainment both in real life or in Metaverse. Who will sell these virtual and real products? Metaverse Salesman/Saleswomen will do this on Metaverse companies.


There will be Metaverse Salesman/Saleswomen that will sell products to us. It is like real life but they will be there with their 3D avatars. They will sell you milk and after a while your milk will come to your real-life address. They will sell you a concert ticket and then you will join it in the Virtual World. Isn’t it amazing?



Avatar Doctors


Yes! Avatar doctors will be another job in Metaverse. But do not worry, this will not be a dangerous thing. Because, these doctors will be real doctors and they will be in Second life with their 3d avatars.


Maybe in the near future, the robotic doctors in Metaverse will help us for our health issues. They will be managed by big data and they collect all the information about us. After that, they will decide to give us a medicine etc.


These are real part of Metaverse Doctors. What if our avatars need a doctor? What if they feel bad sometimes? At this time, big data will help us again and avatar doctors will help our avatars.  Think about that. Your avatar seems a little depressif. And another avatar offers anything to solve its situation.



AR/VR Technicians


AR/VR glasses and other hardware will be in our life mostly in the future. We will use these devices daily or hourly. And these devices will need assistance times to times. AR/VR Technicians will help us to solve the problems on our AR/VR devices.


This will be both in rel life or in the world of Metaverse. They can help you physically or virtually on the screen. Or maybe they will only route you about how to manage this problem. It is not clear but Metaverse AR/VR Technicians will have a critical role in our lives.



Metaverse Actor/Actriss


Films, Plays, Performances… They are very important in our lives. In Second life, there will be also Metaverse films, plays, theater, performance. People will be the art of these activities with their 3d avatars. So, why don ‘t you become an metaverse actor or an actress?


You can be part of any organization and act with your avatar. You can be part of a film a theater player or anything like in real life. Your life or your Virtual life can change as an metaverse actor or as a metaverse actress.



Metaverse Promoters


Films, theaters, plays, performances are organized by a promoter in real life. These will be done by Metaverse Promoters in this virtual world. They will arrange the organization, attendants, platforms and then they will let the game begin!


A Metaverse Promoter will work as a normal promoter in real-life. But this time, they will work with 3d avatars. They will communicate with them and they will organize maybe a concert, maybe an exhibition, maybe a theater play or anything else in entertainment area.





I think you know youtubers. There are many of them. But how about Vtubers? Vtubers will be one of the new influencers of Metaverse. They will be in front of us with their avatars.


A Metaverse Vtuber will be mainly an influencer that will affect many people. They will take their videos or any other digital contents, they will produce value to the Virtual World. So, would you like to create content in this virtual world? Would you like to be a Metaverse Vtuber?





As the instructors, Metaverse Coaches will be also in our lifes. They will train us with their 3d avatars. We will do many sport activities together. Or they will teach us yoga, pilates etc.


Now, there are many online coaches that gives many sport lessons. In metaverse, we will be in this online world. With our avatars we will be together. For example, whenever we do something at home in real life, our 3d avatar will do the same on Second life. So, the sport activities will be held both on real-life and on Metaverse.





Music will be the other entertainment area of Metaverse. And in this virtual universe, there will be musicians. They play at their homes but they will be like they are in a big concert hall.


Maybe you will be a musician and your first song will be listened by millions. Because of the strength of digital world, you will be famous with your song. So, would you like to be e Metaverse Musician?





Trading will be one of the key jobs in Metaverse. There will be both digital and real products together in this universe. Metaverse traders will sell these products to the users.


Thess products can be a real shoe, a dress, or a machine. It can be also a digital virtual hat, an accessory etc.  Or maybe they will trade NFTs, the digital art products of Metaverse. What else, the trading will be one of the key activities in this virtual universe.





A youtuber, an Instagram phenomen, or a tiktoker. There are many social media influencers in the world today. They affect many people with their lifestyle, dance, training etc. In the Metaverse age, the definition of influencer will also evolve and Metaverse Influencers will rise.


These Metaverse Influencers will be important people for the users. They will affect us with their behaviour in Metaverse. This will be their avatar’s style, their NFTs, their roles etc. They will have fans, followers like today.



Customer Support


In any area, customer support is very important. In the Metaverse universe, there will be also customer support. These people will help us with their 3d avatars and they will support us. Maybe the support part will be mainly held by robots. But human is always important in such an area.


Think about it? Would you like to talk your problem about a brand, with a robot or with a real human. Even with his/her 3d avatar, talking with an human will always be good. So, Metaverse Customer Support will be also a job in this virtual universe.



What Else?


We have talked about 28 key jobs of Metaverse. What do you think about these futuristic metaverse jobs? Will they any other job in this virtual universe? Would you like to add any job?





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