Nokia Labs

Nokia Router Configuration Labs

Here, You Can Find Nokia Router Configurations of Various Network Protocols on Different Network Topologies.

These labs are has also used in Nokia Configuration Course on IPCisco and Nokia NRS I Lab Course  on Udemy.


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Basic Router Configuration

basic nokia configuration

Router Int. Configuration

nokia router interface configuration

Card & MDA Configuration

nokia router card and mda provisioning

Log Configuration

nokia log configuration

IP Filter Configuration

nokia ipfilter configuration

RADIUS  Configuration

nokia radius configuration

TACACS  Configuration

nokia tacacs configuration


In this Nokia Labs page, you can find different Nokia Router Configuration Lab Examples that are prepared with GNS3. You can download these files and practice on them. Or, you can build your own topology with the help of these Nokia Labs.


Configurations are very important for Network Engineers. Many network engineers like to  configure a network equipment a lot. And practice is very important to have hands on experience on any network equipment CLI. This is also true for Nokia Routers. So, to teach you Nokia CLI, Nokia Labs page has created. In this Nokia Configuration page, you will find many Nokiw Router Configuration Examples that helps especially new network engineers who are working with Nokia equipments.


Nokia has an excellent Network Certification Program called, Service Routing Certification (SRC). Nokia SRA is especially very important fort he network engineers that are working in Service Providers. Because, Nokia is one of the most important network vendors in Service Provider Area. In Nokia Certification Lessons, there are Nokia Configuration parts. This Nokia Labs page will help you about these configurations. You can practice with these files and you can learn Nokia Configurations better.


If you would like to download Nokia 7750 Service Router CLI Guide, you can download it on Nokia’s website.


Nokia Service Routers Configuration


Nokia has different routers for Service Provider Networks. Especially Nokia 7750 SR and Nokia 7950 XRS are excellent routers for this area. So, to know how to configure a Nokia Router, is very important form a network engineer who works in a Service Provider. Because many Service Providers are using Nokia Routers on their backbone.

To learn how to configure Nokia routers and have hands on experience on Nokia routers, practice is very important. With this page, you can Access Nokia configuration files that will help you during your configuration studies. These Nokia configuration examples help you not only for your certification studies, but also for your network operation activities.


Here, we will work on Nokia 7750 Service Routers and we will shwo the main configurations on these routers.



Nokia NRS I Labs


NRS I is the first certification of Nokia Network Certifications. It is a good entrance certification for Service Provider Networks. In Nokia NRS I Certification Program, there are also some configuration lessons that needs some Nokia hands on experience. On NRS I Exam 4A0-100, there is no practical part. But you should know basic configurations of a Nokia Router. So, Nokia Labs page will help you to learn Nokia Router Configuration basics. You will start to configure Nokia routers and after completing all these labs, you will be ready for your Nokia NRS I Certification Exam.



Nokia NRS II Labs


Nokia NRS II is the second step of Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC). There are three theorical exams an done lab exam for to have this excellent certification. Especially the lab exam is very important. In this page, you can find also Nokia Labs for NRS II.


What are the courses of Nokia NRS II? Nokia NRS II courses are Nokia IRP, Nokia MPLS and Nokia Service Architecture Courses. On, you can find all these courses. You can start to follow these courses while practicing with Nokia Configuration files. There are more Nokia Configuration Lessons on each of these courses.



Nokia SRA Labs


Nokia SRA is one of the most valuable network certification on Service Provider Area. It is the last step of Nokia SRC (Nokia Service Routing Certification). To have thsi valuable certification, you should complete also another lab exam. To be ready for this exam, you need to practice more on Nokia routers. In this Nokia labs page, there will be also configuration examples for Nokia SRA.



Nokia 7750 Service Router Practice

Nokia 7750 Service Routers are one of the most valuable and widely used routers of Nokia. Formarly the name of these routers is Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR. Nokia purchase Alcatel-Lucent and after this purchase, these routers continue to their lives with the name of Nokia 7750 SR. In network World, these routers are known with both of these names.


In Nokia Lab page, we have created these configuration files with Nokia 7750 Service Routers. So, with these labs, you can gain hand on experience on Nokia 7750 SRs.



Nokia 7950 XRS Practice

Nokia 7950 XRS is the high capacity Nokia Router that is also perfect for Service Provider Networks. The CLI of Nokia 7950 XRS is different than Nokia 7750 SR. Here, there will be also configuration  examples and configuration files for Nokia 7950 XRS. With the help lof these files, you will learn Nokia 7950 XRS CLI.