Technical Interview

CATs Technical Interview

Network Engineers are invited to the Job Interviews by Different Levels according to the required Level in the Role.
They are asked different technical questions related  to their network career. Protocols, scenariıs, configurations etc.
CATs (Career Accelerator Tools) Technical Interview Training prepares you to the different level of Network Engineering Technical Interviews.
A brief of the common levels of Network Engineering are given below.
You can reach Technical Interview Questions of each Network Engineering Level,
By Clicking Related Buttons.
junior-network-engineer-ipciscoJunior Network Engineers are the new starters. In other words, they are new greduates or 1-2 years Experienced Network Engineers. They are in the beginning of their career. Junior Network Engineers generally has theorical technical experience beside their beginning level hands on experience.
senior-network-engineer-ipciscoSenior Network Engineers are the experienced Network Engineers that has at least 3 years Experience in Network World.This level can include up to 6 years experienced Network Engineers. They are in the middle of technical expertise. They have both theorical and hands on experience on networking.
expert-network-engineer-ipciscoExpert Network Engineers are the most experienced Network Engineers. They have at least 7 years of Experience. From 7 years to 20 years experience, can show the Expert level of Network Engineering. They have both very good theorical knowledge and perfect hands on experience. They are the gurus of networking.

These levels can be different in diffent countries or companies. But generally, the Network Engineering levels are like above. So, to select a Network Engineer in the required level, Experienced Network Engineers ask Technical Questions in the Job Interviews. These questions are in different levels according to the level of candidates and the role.

With CATs (Career Accelerator Tools) Technical Training, we are preparing you to these Technical Job Interviews. We are providing, the possible questions that they will ask you during a Technical Network Engineering Interview. You can select your level and then you can view the questions that you will come across in the Technical Job Interview.

What will be next? With IPCisco CATs, You will get the Role and Enjoy!