IP Multicast Course


 Multicast Course

With Cisco, Huawei, Nokia, Juniper Configurations

by gokhankosem
15 Hours
22 Lessons
55 Students

IP Multicast Course is the First Multi Vendor IP Multicast Course of the World! Here, we will cover all the key lessons of IP Multicast Technology. You will learn the concepts of IP Multicasting.


In this course, Multicast Lessons will be explained detailly with Best Visuals and Network Topologies. In this course, you will learn Multicast Protocols detailly and the configurations of Multicast Protocols not only on Cisco devices, but also on the other three Network Vendor’s (Nokia, Juniper and Huawei) devices. Here, you will see Cisco Multicast configurations, Juniper Multicast commands, Huawei multicast configuration examples.


So, what will you find in this lesson? In other words, what will you learn on this IP Multicast Course? Below, you can find the Multicast Lessons, that we will cover one by on.



Multicasting is an advanced networking lesson. So, to learn this concept better, you should have a good network background. In other words, you should know the key concepts of ip networking. If you learn this technology beside your basic networking knowledge, you will have an important knowledge on a valuable part of networking.


To Learn IP Multicast Concepts Detailly and Experience IP Multicast Configurations of Four Top Vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Nokia and Huawei), You Can Take Our IP Multicast Course! With this course, you will be familier with one of the most important technologies of ip networking.


Below, you can find all the lessons that we will cover during this training. This training will teach you key IP Multicast Lessons!