Network Devices


In computer networks, many different network devices are used. These devices used in computer networks has different characteristics. Each of them provide a specific role. What are these network equipments?

Basically these network equipments are :

  • Hubs
  • Bridges
  • Layer 2 Switches
  • Multi Layer Switches
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • Repeater
  • Firewall

Let’s talk about these devices one by one.


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Hub is a very simple network device that is used in LANs. It is basicall a multiport repeater. Hubs do not decide anything and forwards any traffic to all of the ports. So, they are not smart devices. They have multiple ports that connects different network equimpments in the same network. But this devices the network bandwith.


A Bridge is a device that connects different Local Area Networks (LANs). It has single incoming port and single outgoing port. Bridges works at Layer 2, Data-Link Layer. Bridges are also used for dividing the network into two collision domains. But this solution was an early solution. It is rarely used nowadays.

Layer 2 Switch

Layer 2 Switch is a network device that works in Layer 2 (Data Link Layer). It is a smart device that collects data and switches the traffic according ot this data. Swicthes have many ports and with this characteristics, they expand the network through endpoints.


A Router is a network device that works on Layer 3. It is basically used to connect different networks. Router is a smart device. So it calculates the routes according to some algorithms and then makes the route decision. Then forwards the packets according to the Layer 3 IP addresses.

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Multilayer Switch

Multilayer Switch is a switch which operates on Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4. These devices are also high capacity devices that behaves like both router and switches. They do both switching and routing.


Modem is the device that converts the digital signals of the computer to the analog telephone signals. At home, you need both a modem and router to connect internet by DSL lines. But nowadays these two devices are coming in one device. So it is confused sometimes. The devices at home now is one device that has a router and modem in it.


A Repeater is a device that amplifies the signal in the network. Network signals lose weight during the transmission. To avoid this signal weight lose, for long distances repeaters can be used. This long distance can be different for different mediums. For example, repeter can be used after 100 meters for some mediums.


Firewalls are the Network Security devices that provide, first line of defence in the network. As its name implies, it establish a wall between your network and outside world. A Firewall can be an hardware, a software or both. But generally, medium and large networks always use these important network security devices.


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