Cisco Router Password Recovery

Cisco Router Password Recovery

There are several reasons to recover a router’s enable password. For example you can forget the password or somebody might give a password that you don’t know. But in here it is important that recovering the password without loosing our configuration.To recover the router’s enable password, do the followings:

1-) Fisrtly we will prevent the IOS load at the beginning. For this during startup use CTRL+BREAK (CTRL+C). By doing this, we will enter the rommon mode. By the way rommon mode is a limited operating system on router.

2-) In Rommon mode we will change the configuration-register. To do this, write “o/r 0×2142” command. By entering this command we prevent the router to load the configuration on NVRAM.

3-) Here, shutdown the router. This time, because of the fact that our configuration wasn’t been loaded, IOS will ask us if we think to buld a new configuration.Our answer will be No. After that the default command line router> will appear.

4-) In command line write enable, and this time we will enter the enable mode without password.

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