How Network Automation Impacts Network Management


Network World is developing rapidly. With these developments, network requirements has increased and new methodologies are also developed to overcome this improvement. One of the Technologies that help network World about this is Network Automation. In this lesson, we will explain How Network Automation Impacts Network Management. With Network Automation, various Network Management activities are done such as network management, testing, deployment, configuration and various network operations.


With Network Automation, complex network duties for example configurations can be done automatically. As you know, network engineers likes configurations. But for a large network,  router/switch configurations can be difficult. To overcome this issue, Network Automation is used and this makes network engineres’ role easier.

Currently, a high ratio of company use Network Automation at least for one area. According to Kentik Survey in Cisco Live 2019, the rates of the companies that use at least one Automation Program is %85. Different Automation tools are used by these companies. Some of the Automation tools are most popular. For example, the ratio of companies that uses a Configuration Automation Tool is %53 according to survey of network analytic company, Kentik. Beside Configuration Automation, Policy Management Automation is the second most used automation program type with ratio %40. The third one is Workload Management Automation Programs with the ratio %33.

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Benefits of Network Automation


There are various benefits of Network Automation to Network Management and Network World. By using Network Automation, network engineers’ s, network administrators’ role is getting easier. So, what are the benefits of Network Automation? These are:


  • Reduced Operation Costs
  • Higher Up Times
  • Lower Errors
  • Effective Staff
  • Better Network Control
  • Increased Business Agility




With Network Automation, your network cost will decrease. Because you can do many network activity automatically and fastly. This will reduce the job complexity and so it will need few person hours. Instead of many network engineers, few network engineers can be overcome all the network related issues on troubleshooting, upgrading, configuring etc.


Up to know, %95 of network activities has done manually by human. So, this can cause many errors and this reduces performance. Network Automation remove human errors by automating the operations. So, any human related errors or any actions that was missed because of an engineer will be eliminated anymore. With automation, acting on the network will be faster and without human faults.


Network up time is the first important parameter for a network. With manual activities, network up time can be decrease because of the unexpected errors of engineers. But with automation, network will work without human error and this will increase network up time.


With network automation, repetitive roles will be done my automation programs and network engineer roles can route to another areas to improve network and business performance. So, network staff can be used effectively.


By using automation programs, you will have a perfect network view. You can access network data, performance reports easily and this will improve your control on your network.


With the vision of Network Automation, you can develop new products and services. This can improve your business agility and market share.

In this lesson, we have talked about How Network Automation Impacts Network Management. As you have read, network automation will improve Network Management rapidly. In the future, Network Engineering roles will change a litlle. Because, Network Automation Tools will do many jobs instead of a Human. So, for network engineers, a new era will begin with new qualifications.

You can also visit IPCisco Network Tools Page. There are a lot of Useful Network Tools in this page.

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