Traditional Network Management versus Cisco DNA Center

Cisco DNA Center

In this lesson we will compare the traditional Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) Management and Cisco DNA Center Management. So what are the similarities and differences of these traditional and new solutions of Cisco? Let’s check one by one.


One of the example of traditional network management, Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) Management has been used to manage enterprise networks. As all network management applciations, Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) firstly discrovers the network equipments in a network. After that a Network Topology Map is created with all these network equipments. The view of the network is in front of network engineers. They can manage, configure, operate these devices over this Network Management application. With various colorful cautions, Cisco Prime Infrastructure make network management easy and the problems are detected fastly.




As Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI), Cisco DNA Center provides also these key features of a network management applcation. Cisco DNA Center also discovers the network devices and creates a Network Topology Map. The view of the network is created with this way and whenever you click a network  device in this map, you can Access the selected device. You can configure, manage and operate this device over Cisco DNA Center. Cisco DNA Center also work with Cisco PI and instead of dicovering devices again, it uses the devices that is discovered by Cisco PI.


Beside the similarities of these two network management platform, Cisco DNA Center has more properties if we compare with Cisco PI. One of the most important advantage of Cisco DNA Center is support of the first Intent-Based Networking solution of network world, Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), SDA that is build on Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA).


Another important difference of Cisco DNA Center is, enhanced security mechanism. With its enhanced security mechanims, it can detect last malwares, threats etc. even they are encrypted. This is also a new feature of Cisco DNA Center.


The other benefits of Cisco DNA center over traditional network management systems is by using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, it prepare you for the future changes and it keeps your network up to date.


In the traditional networks, netwwork operations, configurations, operations and troublehosooting activities take a lot of time. Beside time, this activities has higher costs on your network. Manuel works causes, human faults and this increases network down time. But with Cisco DNA Center, you will say good by to manual configurations. Instead of manuel operations, system driven activities will be done. This will reduce costs, human faults and provide more effective work.


Cisco DNA Center is also good for integration of the other new technologoies. Cloud Services and Cisco Meraki are supported with Cisco DNA Center solution.

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