HSRP Configuration on Cisco IOS


HSRP Configuration on Cisco IOS

In this section we will do an HSRP configuration to understand the issue better. To do this wewill use the below topology. At the end of this article, you will find the GNS3 configuration lab of this lesson.

redundancy protocols HSRP example (Hot Standby Router Protocol) topology, protocols for redundancy

HSRP Example Topology

Before the HSRP configuration, we must prepare our topology. We will change the router names and we will assigned the ip addresses of the router interfaces.

For the left side of the topology, we will use network and for the right side, we will use network. All the interfaces connected to the layer 2 swicth will be assigned with the ip addresses related to its connected port. For example the fa0/0 interface of the Site1 router will be assigned the ip address and the GW1’s and GW2’s fa0/0 ip addresses will be and orderly.

After interface configuration, we will configure a static route on each Site1 and Site2. In this static route we will use two virtual ip addresses that we will explain in this article. This virtual addresses will be and

Site1(config)# ip route 
Site2(config)# ip route

Now our configuration is ready to HSRP configuration. Let’s start on one side(left) on GW1 and GW2 and after that we will configure a second HSRP configuration for the other side(right).


GW1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0 
GW1(config-if)# standby 1 ip 
GW1(config-if)# standby 1 preempt 
GW1(config-if)# standby 1 priority 110 
GW1(config-if)# standby 1 track fa0/1  
GW1(config-if)# exit 
GW1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1 
GW1(config-if)# standby 1 ip 
GW1(config-if)# standby 1 preempt 
GW1(config-if)# exitGW2

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