VLAN Mapping (VLAN Translation) on Cisco


On Cisco devices, VLAN mapping term is used for mentioning the swap of incoming VLAN id to a new VLAN id. In the below configuration examples, we will see Cisco configuration for this swapping. Lets check this configuration for a Cisco switch. The related congfiguration steps are:

Switch# configure terminal
Switch(config)# interface interface-id
Switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunk
Switch(config-if)# switchport vlan mapping vlan-id translated-id
Switch(config-if)# end

And to verify, the below command scan be used:

Switch# show vlan mapping
Switch# copy running-config startup-config

As an example, we can configure the customer 10,20,30 and 40 VLANs(C-VLAN s) to the Service provider vlans(S-VLAN s),110,120,130 and 140.

Switch(config)# interface gigabiethernet 0/1
Switch(config-if)# switchport vlan mapping 10 110
Switch(config-if)# switchport vlan mapping 20 120
Switch(config-if)# switchport vlan mapping 30 130
Switch(config-if)# switchport vlan mapping 40 140
Switch(config-if)# exit

vlan mapping (translation) cVLAN and sVLAN

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