VLAN Mapping (VLAN Translation)


In the different locations of the customer, the same VLAN tag means the same. But there is a service provider network between the customer locations. Customers and the service provider use different VLAN tags in their networks. So, here there must be VLAN mapping or in other words VLAN translation must be done in the edge of the network.

This two diffferent network’s VLANs are mentioned as C-VLAN and S-VLAN . C-VLAN is the customer VLAN and S-VLAN is the service provider VLAN.

vlan mapping (vlan translation)

VLAN Mapping (VLAN Translation)

In different vendors, VLAN mapping is defined with different words. VLAN mapping term is used with Cisco configuration, VLAN translation is used for Juniper configuration.

In this article, we will check the translation of one VLAN to another VLAN for diffferent vendor’s configurations. This can be mentioned as swapping an incoming VLAN tag with a new VLAN tag.

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