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HCNA (HCIA) Questions

HCNA (HCIA) Practice Test Page includes many HCNA (HCIA) Questions that will test yourself on the first step of Huawei Routing and Switching Certification. These questions are not real Huawei HCNA Exam Questions, but they will test yourself before the real exam.

You will find a lot of multiple choice  HCNA Question Examples on this HCNA (HCIA) Quiz page.






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HCIA Certification (HCNA Certification)


HCIA (Huawei Certified ICT Associate) is the entrance certification of Huawei Certifications. In HCIA Certification studies, you can learn the basic of networking and you can gain hand on experience on Huawe routers and switches. The previous name of this certifcaiton is HCNA Certification.




HCIA R&S is the abbreviation of HCIA Routing and Switching. This certification focuses on Routing basics and swithcing Fundamentals in networking World. HCIA R&S is the most popular entrance certification of Huawei.


HCNA Exam Questions        


After HCIA or HCNA studies, you should test yourself before the real HCIA Exam. Sometimes students practice on HCNA Exam Dumps but it is better to test yourself with HCIA Practice Test. Because in HCIA practice tests, you can learn your real knowledge on Huawei HCIA Lessons.


With a nice study program, if you learn theorical parts very good and practice on Huawei HCIA Labs, Huawei Exam Questions will be very easy to answer for your. All Huawei Exam Questions of HCIA is prepared from the HCNA Course content. So, covering all these lessons will help you on Huawei Exam Questions during the real HCIA Exam.


HCIA Courses


There are HCIA Courses on IPCisco.com for you that you can benefit as HCNA Study Guide. In these HCIA Courses, we will cover all HCIA Lessons and HCIA Labs. There are two different labs on IPCisco.com for Huawei HCIA Certification. One of the is HCNA Course as its old name and the other is Huawei HCIA Labs Course. After completing these courses, you can practice with the questions on this page and test yourself before the real HCIA Exam.





HCIA is the new name of HCNA. There is no common differences between these two Huawei certifications. This is only a name change on Huawei certifications. So, on IPCisco.com or anywhere else, when you see HCNA, it means also HCIA.


HCNA Study Guide


On IPCisco.com you can find best HCNA Study Guide s as HCIA Courses. In these courses, you can follow HCIA Lessons one by one and after each lessons, you can test yourself with lesson quizes. Beside, you can test yourself on this page after completing all the HCNA Lessons. As HCNA, there are two courses on IPCisco. One is HCIA Course and the other is HCIA Lab Course.




HCIA is one of the most popular network certifications. So, after having this certification, you can find HCNA Jobs, in other Word, you can work network engineering roles that is on Huawei routers and switches. After having hands on experience on Huawei devices, you can be easily accepted to HCNA Jobs. So, during your HCNA Certification studies, try to learn the lessons deeply and practice more with Huawei eNSP with differetn network topologies.


You can also view Network Engineer Salaries or CCNA Salaries articles on IPCisco.com to elarn more about HCNA Jobs and HCNA Salaries.




HCNA Exam is the official Huawei Exam that you should pass to have Hauwei HCIA Certification. After your certification studies, practices and testing yourself with HCIA Questions on this page, you will be ready  for your real HCNA Exam. So, to pass Huawei HCNA Exam or as its new name, Huawei HCIA Exam in your first attemp, you should focus these three things: Courses, Labs and Practice Tests. After doing these, Huawei Exam Questions will be easy to answer for you.


HCNA Exam Fee


Huawei HCNA Exam Fee is not a high fee if you compare with other network certifications. But it is also an amouth. So, you should pass this exam in your first attempt not to pay more for this exam. You can learn up to date Huawei Exam Fee s on Huawei website.


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