HCNA Quizes

HCNA (HCIA) Questions

HCNA (HCIA) Practice Test Page includes many HCNA (HCIA) Questions that will test yourself on the first step of Huawei Routing and Switching Certification.

You will find a lot of multiple choice  HCNA Question Examples on this HCNA (HCIA) Quiz page.


To learn HCNA (HCIA) Lessons, you can take Huawei HCNA (HCIA) Course.



The first step of Huawei Routing and Switching Certification Path wasp reviously named as HCNA but now, it is known as HCIA on Huawei Certification Path. On IPCisco.com, we will use both of these names to define the same Huawei Course.


HCNA Training and HCNA (HCIA) Practice


There are many lessons in Huawei HCNA Course. In this curses, you learn fundamentals of computer networks, the key concepts of Routing and Switching. Bot during this course and after these course, testing yourself with various HCNA Questions is very important. Especially before your HCNA Exam, it will be very beneficial.

Different HCNA Questions will teach you the key points that is on HCIA Course. These HCIA Practice Tests will also a reminder of your HCNA Course Lesson. With these HCIA Questions, you will be ready for your HCIA Exam!


HCNA (HCIA) Certification


Huawei HCIA Certification is similar to Cisco CCNA Certification. Almost all the lessons are similar except configuration commands and some additional lessons on both of the certification. Before HCNA Exam, you can also benefit from various CCNA Practice Tests on IPCisco.com.


HCNA is the first step before HCIP and HCIE. To learn strongly the key lessons will be useful for both on your HCNA Exam and for the your future exams, HCIP and HCIE Exams. So, it will be good for you  to learn Huawei HCNA Lessons, with a good HCNA Couse and practice with more HCNA Practice Tests. On IPCisco.com, you will find both HCNA Cousers as  written and Video, you will see HCNA practice examples on Huawei eNSP and you will have the opportunity to test yourself with various HCNA Questions.


This page has prepared for you to experience a perfect HCNA Practice with a lot of key HCIA  Questions.

To learn HCNA (HCIA) Lessons, you can take Huawei HCNA (HCIA) Course.

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