4A0-102, 4A0-105, 4A0-106, 4A0-107 Exams

(Nokia Service Routing Architect)

SRA (Nokia Service Routing Architect) is the Top Certification of Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program. It is especially a very important and prestigious Certification for Network Engineers working in Service Provider Networks.

SRA includes additional detailed lessons about BGP, QoS and Detailly Nokia ( formerly Alcatel-Lucent ) L2/L3 VPN Services. With SRA Trainnning, students gain Expert Level knowledge about Service Provider Networks for both implementation and design perspective. They also gain Advanced Hand On experience on Nokia Service Routers.

After successfully completed NRS I and NRS II, you can continue for Nokia SRA Certification.

SRA Certification is four step away from you. To get your SRA Certification, you need to pass;

  • Nokia 4A0-102 Exam (Nokia Border Gateway Protocol)
  • Nokia 4A0-105 Exam (Nokia Virtual Private LAN Services)
  • Nokia 4A0-106 Exam (Nokia Virtual Private Routed Networks)
  • Nokia 4A0-107 Exam (Nokia Quality of Service)

Yon can also pass the one Composite Exam instead of these four theorical exam. This Composite Exam is:

  • Nokia 4A0-C02 Exam (Nokia SRA Composite Exam)

There are also some Elective Exams for this certification, you can also take these exams:

  • Nokia 4A0-108 Exam (Nokia Multicast Protocols )
  • Nokia 4A0-109 Exam (Nokia Triple Play Services)
  • Nokia 4A0-111 Exam (Nokia Network and Service Router Security)
  • Nokia 4A0-M01  Exam (Nokia IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport)
  • Nokia 4A0-M02 Exam (Nokia Mobile Gateways)
  • Nokia 4A0-M03 Exam (Nokia Mobility Manager)