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BGP Quizes section you will find BGP Basic Questions, a lot of  BGP Interview Question and BGP Exam Questions.

With this quizes section, you will test your BGP knowledge before your Job Interviews, certification exams and network operations.

Here, you will both learn new things about BGP and refresh your BGP knowledge.


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Basic BGP Questions


In BGP Quizes part, you will find BGP Basic Questions that will refresh your knowledge about BGP. With this Basic BGP Questions, you will cover all lessons in a short time basically. You will learn both the theorical part and the practical part of BGP Configurations of Cisco. If you need BGP Questions for interview, this page will help you both for these BGP Questions and Answers.


BGP Interview Questions


BGP Questions section will be very useful before your network engineering Job Interview. In all levels, BGP Questions are very common in the Technical Job Interviews. If you are looking for BGP Questions for interview, with this quizes part, you will learn the Real World BGP Interview Questions . After testing yourself with BGP Questions , you will be ready for your Network Job interview. You can also reach all the other Interview Questions on Technical Interview Questions Page. In the Interview Training Pages, the questions are mixed of different network lessons. Here, the main focus is BGP Protocol. So, here, you you will find only the Real World Interview Questions related with BGP. Even you are ready for any technical interview, it can be good to recheck yourself with these bgp questions for interview.


BGP Exam Question

BGP is one of the most used Routing Protocols by Network Engineers. So, in many Network Engineering Certification Exams like CCNACCNPCCIE Exams, Juniper JNCIAJNCISJNCIPJNCIE Exams, Huawei HCIA, HCIP, HCIE Exams, Nokia NRS INRS II, SRA Exams etc. you will see a lot of BGP Exam Question. With BGP Quizes section, you will test yourself before your exam and you will answer these BGP Exam Questions easily! There are various of BGP Questions. In this section you will find an example for each of these questions. You can test yourself and determine your strong and week parts in BGP Lessons.


Test Yourself with BGP Quizes!


To learn, practice and configure BGP, firstly test yourself with BGP Quizes Section. With this page, you will be ready  for your BGP Basic Questions, BGP Interview Question and BGP Exam Questions. With more BGP Questions and Answers, you will pass your Exams, you will be selected as an employee and you will be expert on BGP! BGP Questions for Interview will show you, your strong and week lessons on BGP. You will be ready to your real world interviews and career.


You can find some BGP Questions examples below:



Which statement is true about IBGP routers?

a) They must be fully meshed

b) They can be in a different AS

c)They must be directly connected

d) They do not need to be directly connected

Answer: D


Which one of the following statements about BGP is FALSE?

a) EIGP preference value is 20

b) BGP uses three-way handshake

c)BGP can not used in AS

d) BGP uses TCP port 179

Answer: C


…. command provides router ID, local preference, next hop and BGP path

a) show ip route bgp

b) show ip bgp

c) show ip bgp neighbors

d) show ip bgp summary

Answer: B



Which BGP path attribute is Cisco proprietary?

a) Weight

b) MED

c) Local preference

d) Origin

Answer: A



Below, which one is NOT a BGP message type?

a) Open

b) Update

c) Ack

d) Keepalive

Answer: C



Which one is one of the method use to avoid full mesh IBGP?

a) Multilink BGP

b) Route Reflector

c) Poison Reverse

d) Next Hop Self

Answer: B



What is the default administrative distance of EBGP?

a) 10

b) 20

c) 100

d) 200

Answer: B



Which BGP path attributes are well known path attribute?

a) MED

b) Community

c) Local Preference

d) AS-Path

Answer: C,D



Which BGP path attribute is NOT a well known mandatory BGP path attribute?

a) Next Hop

b) AS Path

c) Origin

d) MED

Answer: C,D



BGP uses TCP port …

a) 179

b) 150

c) 29

d) 123

Answer: A



Which one is the correct order of BGP Session Establishement?

a) Established, Idle, Connect, Open Sent, Open Confirm

b) Open Sent, Open Confirm, Established, Idle, Connect

c) Idle, Connect, Open Sent, Open Confirm, Established

d) Connect, Open Sent, Open Confirm, Idle, Established

Answer: C



Which one is NOT a Value of BGP Origin Attribute?

a) IGP

b) EGP



Answer: D



Which command resets BGP session?

a) reset bgp sessions

b) delete session

c) clear ip bgp

d) reset session bgp

Answer: C

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