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JNCIA Practice Test

In this page you will find JNCIA Questions and Answers that will prepare you to the real JNCIA JUNOS Exam. This JNCIA Practice Tests will cover all JNCIA Lessons and they willl remind you key parts of the JNCIA Training. Beside this reminding, they will also teach you some missing parts in Juniper JNCIA Junos Lessons.


JNCIA JUNOS Exam is the first certification exam of three main path of Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP). To start one of these main Juniper Certification Paths, you shousd pass Juniper JNCIA-JUNIS Exam. These Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) paths are given below:


  • Enterprise Routing and Switching
  • Service Provider Routing and Switching
  • Data Center


For each of these certification, the first exam is the same, JNCIA JUNOS Exam or with the Exam number, JN0-103 Exam. After passing JNCIA JN0-103 Exam, you can take your JNCIA-JUNOS certification and you can continue with JNCIP, JNCIE etc.


JNCIA Practice Tests in this page, will show your knwoledge before the real exam. And you can cover your missing points again before attempting the real exam with the help of JNCIA Practice Tests.


JNCIA Quesions and Answers

In this JNCIA Practice Test page, you can find hundreds of JNCIA Questions and Answers. These questions and answers will cover all the JNCIA JUNOS Lessons and each questions will remind or teach you, one key point of JNCIA Lessons.


There are different JNCIA Lesons covered in our JNCIA JUNOS Course. In these JNCIA Practice Tests, we will cover all the key parts of the lessons. By the way, the quesitons in this JNCIA Practice Tests are different that the lessons quizes. You can both solve lesson quizes and then JNCIA Practice Tests together.



After having JNCIA Junos Training, you should pass JNCIA Junos Exam, JNCIA JN0-103 Exam. The duration of JN0-103 Exam is 90 minutes and there will be 65 multiple-choice questions on Juniper JNCIA JN0-103 Exam. After your exam, you will learn pass/fail status immediately.


You can take Juniper JNC0-103 Exam on Pearson VUE Exam centers. Before the exam, you should select your test center according to your location and then you can schedule your JN0-103 Exam. Before scheduling, it is better to solve our JNCIA Practice Tests on this page.


JNCIA Exam Cost

JNCIA Exam Costs can change every year. JNCIA Exam Cost of 2020 is 200$. But this value can be changed. So, after being ready, you can take your JNCIA Exam by paying JNCIA Exam cost. The cost of the exam is not too much if you compare the value of this perfect certification. But although this, you can use your company to pay the JNCIA Exam Cost for your. Many companies can pay their employees’ exam fees.



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