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In this Section you will find Quizes on Multicast Lessons.

With these IP Multicast Questions, you will practice on Key Multicast Lessons.


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IP Multicast Practice

In this page, you will find a lot of IP Multicast Practice Questions. With these questions, you will remember key points of Multicast lessons and you will learn missing parts of these technology. Here, we will start with the basics of ipmulticast and after that we will cover important Multicast protocols one by one. These protocols are IGMP, PIM, MLD, CGMP and more. With Multicast quizes, you will remembers the key parts of these lessons and you will also learn new things on ip multicasting.


If you are looking for Multicast Interview Questions, this apge will be a good reference for you. Because, here we will give you key quesitons on multicast technology. You can practice with these questions, before your technical job interview. After practicing on these quizes, you will be ready to your real Network Engineering Technical Interview.


IP Multicast Lessons

IP Multicasting Questions has prepared from various lessons of multicast technology. Here, we will cover the below key lessons:

  • IP Multicast Overview
  • Multicast IP and MAC Addresses
  • Multicast Distribution Trees
  • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
  • Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD)
  • Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP)
  • PIM-DM (Protocol Independant Multicast – Dense Mode)
  • PIM-SM (Protocol Independant Multicast – Sparse Mode)
  • PIM-SSM (Protocol Independant Multicast – Source Specific Multicast)
  • Bidir-PIM (Bidirectional PIM)


If you would like to learn the details of these IP Multicast Lessons, you can view our IP Multicast Course.

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