Subnetting Questions

Subnetting Quiz page is consist of many Subnetting Questions that will teach you

this important lesson ocomputer networks with Subnetting Examples.

With this page you fil find opportunity for Subnetting Practice with various question types.



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In networking, IP Addreses are one of the key points of all lessons. Almost all configurations, we should configure IP Address or they must be configured previously. This IP Addresses are IPv4 or IPv6 Addresses. IPv4 Address are used in many network commonly till now. So, in the Subnetting Questions on this page, we will focus on IPv4 Subnetting.


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Is Subnetting Difficult?


At the beginning, Subnetting seems a little complex to the network engineers or network technicians. Because of the fact that, it needs a little math or some calculations, it is tought that one of the difficult points of networking. In real, it is not a difficult lessson. It needs only a little practice and solve more Subnetting  Questions, see more Subnetting Examples.


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Subnetting Examples


If you practice Subnetting with different question types, you see all the example combinations of subnetting cases. With this Subnetting Practice, whenever a Subnetting calculation needs you can easily calculate the required values. And if you calculate the correct values, you set the correct IP Addresses and you provide the IP connectivity between nodes. In other case, you can save your companies IP addresses and implement a best practice for IP address usage with a correct Subnetting calculation.


Subnetting Practice with Subnetting questions


In this Subnetting Practice Page, there are many Subnetting Questions that are always updated. With these excellent Subnetting Examples, you will find the change to practice different cases. These cases will also the cases that you will see in the real world scenarios. In other words, the Subnetting Questions in this Subnetting Quiz page, will show you many real world Subnetting Examples. Maybe, you will implement one of the cases to your own company’s network or you will be inspired from these examples. Whatever, you will benefit from this Subnetting Quiz page a lot!

Subnetting on Exams


On many Certification Exams like Cisco CCNACCNPCCIE Exams, Juniper JNCIAJNCISJNCIPJNCIE Exams, Huawei HCIA, HCIP, HCIE Exams, Nokia NRS INRS II, SRA Exams etc. there will be questions for Subnetting and you will use it. Before these exams, you should learn this lesson very well. If you would like to solve all the questions on Subnetting and the questions needs Subnetting, you can practice with  the scenarios on this page. With these examples, you will be ready for all the network exams need Subnetting knowledge.


How Can I Learn Subnetting?


To learn Subnetting with Examples, to Practice different Subnetting Scenarios, to be ready for your own Subnetting Calculations, this page is prepared for you! Do not waste your time with struggling on internet for this lessons and start to solve Subnetting Scenarios, Subnetting Examples to learn Subnetting immediately! Because, it is the most common lesson of networking. And both a network engineer and a network technician should know this key CCNA Lesson very well. This knowledge will give you more value on your career and in many certification exams.




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