What is Nokia MRP Certification?

What is Nokia MRP Certification?

Nokia Mobile Routing Professional (MRP) Certification

After NRS I and NRS II, you have three options to go further. One of them is  MRP (Mobile Routing Professional) Certification. This certification is focus on Mobile Backhaul and Mobile Core Networking. Here, IP/MPLS based Mobile Core and Evolved Packet Core Networks will be detailly explained and this will be useful for engineers that work with 2G, 3G and LTE technologies.

To have Nokia MRP Certification, from the Beginning Nokia NRS I Certification to Nokia MRP Certification, you need to pass 9 Exams.


Which Courses do I Need To Get To Have Nokia MRP Certificate?

After NRS II trainings and exams, for Nokia MRP Certification, there are three courses and three theorical exams in front of you. After that you need to pass one practical exam. But do not forget, to have this certification, firstly, you need to have NRS II Certification.

So, what are the Nokia MRP Trainings? These Nokia MRP Training are given below:

  • Nokia Quality of Service

  • Nokia IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport

  • Nokia Mobile Gateways

All of these trainings are focus on a specific lessons that is required for Mobile Backhaul and Core Networks.


What I Will Learn in Nokia MRP Courses?

In Nokia MRP Trainings and Certification period, you will learn the key concepts for a Mobile Backhaul and Core Networks that works with MPLS Architecture beside the lessons you have learned in NRS I and NRS II Trainings.

In “Nokia QoS Training”, you will learn QoS Basics, Traffic Classification, Marking, Queuing and Buffer Management, Scheduling, Rate Limiting, QoS Monitoring and OAM Tools.

In “Nokia IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport Training”, you will learn Mobile Backhaul terminology, Mobile Bachaul transport details and the required MPLS Services for Mobile Core.

In “Nokia Mobile Gateway Training”, you will learn LTE concepts, EPC Fundamentals, EPC Protocols, SGW, PGW, QoS, OAM Facilitiwes and  Troubleshooting.

Which Exams Should  I Take to Become Nokia MRP Certified?

To become Nokia MRP Certified, you should take three theorical and one practical exam of Nokia SRC after NRS I and NRS II Certification Exams. This Nokia MRP Exams are given below:

  • Nokia Quality of Service (Exam 4A0-107)

  • Nokia IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport (Exam 4A0-M01)            

  • Nokia Mobile Gateways (Exam 4A0-M02)            

  • Nokia MRP Lab Exam (Exam MRP4A0)        



The first three exams of Nokia MRP Certification,  are theorical exams and there is no practical configurations required for them. But some theorical configuration commands can be asked.

The last exam is the Practical MRP Lab Exam. In this exam, there are some topologies are given to you and the required configurations are expected. Here, QoS, IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul and Mobile Gateway related configurations are asked. You need to configure these topologies with the knowledge you have gained on MRP specific courses and the lessons you have learned on NRS II, like MPLS, IRP and MPLS Services.

What is the Price of Nokia MRP Exams?

The price of each theorical Nokia MRP Exam (Exam 4A0-107, Exam 4A0-M01, Exam 4A0-M02) is 125$. This price is the similar price for all the theorical exams of Nokia SRC. The Total cost of three exams is 375$.

On the other hand, the practical lab exam of NRS II (Exam MRP4A0) is 725$.

From the Beginning Nokia NRS I Certification to Nokia MRP Certification, the Total cost of 9 Exams is 1625$.


How many Questions Are There in Nokia MRP Exams?

There are 60 Questions in each theorical Nokia MRP Exam (Exam 4A0-107, Exam 4A0-M01, Exam 4A0-M02). These questions are random questions that are asked from a question pool.

The number of questions in the Nokia MRP Practical Lab Exam (Exam MRP4A0) can be different, but the number of these questions will not be as much as the theorical exams.


What is the Duration of the Nokia MRP Exams?

The complete duration of each Nokia MRP Exam (Exam 4A0-107, Exam 4A0-M01, Exam 4A0-M02) is 90 minutes. If you get required trainings for each Nokia MRP Exam and you are ready, this time will be long enough for you.

The Practical Exam (Exam MRP4A0) duration is 3,5 hours. This time is long enough for your configurations if you have learned how to configure the key concepts in MRP trainings.


What is the Language of Nokia MRP Exams?

The language of Nokia MRP Exams is only English. To understand and solve the questions correctly, you should know required technical network engish.


What is the Passing Degree for Nokia MRP Exams?

The passing score of any Nokia MRP Exam is %80. This means that you should have at least 48 true answers from 60 questions to pass an Nokia MRP Exam.


How Can I Take Nokia MRP Exams?

When you are ready, you can schedule one of the Nokia MRP Exams from a valid Exam Center and you can take this exam. After completing one exam, when you are ready, you can take another.

For computer based Nokia exams, you can use the global exam partner, Pearson VUE. To schedule your exam from a valid exam center,  you can use Pearson VUE’s Website.


How Will I Get my Nokia MRP Certificate?

After completing the exam, your score will appear on the exam computer. In the screen your score and the result will be showed. If you pass the exam, this result will sent to Nokia in a couple of weeks and after a while your certifications will be sent to you. After that you can paste your blue passed certification squares to the certification progress sheet.


How Long Does Nokia MRP Certification Valid?

Nokia MRP Certification is valid for 3 years. In these 3 years, you can have further SRC trainings and take other exams. But after 3 years, if you do not pass any further SRC exam during this period, you need to recertify by taking recertification exams (Exam 4A0-M01, Exam 4A0-M02, Exam 4A0-M03).

You can also visit Official Nokia Website and have more information about SRC Exams.