Network Monitoring

  • cacti


    Cacti is one of the open-source, web-based Tools for Network Monitoring and Graphing Program. With Cacti, you can monitor the live traffic and the traffic in a period of time on your network. Cacti is one of the most popular and widely used Network Monitoring Tool in many companies. It is easy to install, build and mange. With cacti, your network is in front of you. You can download Cacti, below.

  • nagios


    Nagios is an open source Network Monitoring software. Nagios alerts the users when a problem occur. One of the Tools for Network Monitoring, Nagios is designed to work with Linux but now, it supports many other paltforms. It is also a widely used Monitoring program in network world. You can download Nagios, here.

  • network-weathermap

    Network Weathemap

    Network Weathemap is one of the other Tools for Network Monitoring that shows the monitored data in graphical form. It works alone but it can integrated with Cacti. You can download Network Weathermap, below.

  • whoisup


    WhoisUP is the Network Monitoring tool that shows you the status of a specific webpage. WhoisUP does this via ICMP and if your host is down, it sends mails, syslog messages etc. You can download WhoisUP, here.

  • netdisco


    Netdisco is a Network Monitoring tool for small and large enterprise networks. It is web-based. It uses IP, MAC address etc. and stores in a PostgreSQL database. You can download Netdisco, below.

  • prtg-network-monitoring

    PRTG Network Monitor

    PRTG Network Monitor is a Network Monitoring software that runs on Windows platforms. PRTG Network Monitor, monitors network availability and network usage, Packet Sniffing, WMI, IP SLAs and Netflow and various other protocols. You can download PRTG Network Monitor, below.

  • zabbix


    Zabbix is a Network Monitoring system that you can monitor and track various network equipmnets’ status. Zabbix uses various SQL databases for such network management. You can download Zabbix, below.

  • observium


    Observium is a low-maintenance auto-discovering Network Monitoring system, that supports wide range of devices. It works on different platforms, operating systems including Windows, FreeBSD, Cisco, HP, Juniper, Dell, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp etc. You can download Observium, below.

  • opmanager


    OpManager is a Network Monitoring tool that uses Syslog, SNMP, SNMP Traps, Cisco IP SLA, NetFlow, sFlow, IP-FIX, NBAR, CBQoS, TFTP/ SCP, WMI, Event Log and Telnet/ SSH. You can download OpManager, below.

  • Solarwinds-network-bw-analyzer-pack

    SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer

    SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer captures and analyzes data in real time and shows the types of traffic on your network. You can diagnos the realt-time traffic. You can download SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer , below.

  • SolarWinds-Performance-Monitor

    SolarWinds Performance Monitor

    Solarwinds Performance Monitor is a Network Monitoring software that improve network performace and reduce network outages. You can download Solarwinds Performance Monitor, here.

  • pandora-fms

    Pandora FMS

    Pandora FMS is a open source Network Monitoring software. It monitors your system and network elements and informs you about their status. It has an attractive GUI. You can download Pandora FMS, below.

  • NfSen


    NfSen is a graphical network monitoring tool. You can download NfSen, below.

  • MRTG


    MRTG (The Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a Network Monitoring tool that monitors the traffic load on links. It also provide a live visial presentation on HTML pages. You can download MRTG, below.

  • Kiwi


    Kiwi is a Network Management tool that you can configure, backup and manage your network equipments with it. Kiwi provides, email notification, compare results and highlight the ubnormal situations. You can download Kiwi, below.

  • the-dude

    The Dude

    The Dude is a Network Management utility that scan your network, draw your network map and monitor your services. You can download The Dude, below.

  • aslthappens


    AsItHappens is a real-time Network Statistic collector and Grapher tool. It also uses a database for collected database. You can download AsltHappens network statistic collector, below.

  • iftop


    iftop is the Network Monitoring tool that measures network traffic, cpu usage,bandwidth usage etc. You can download iftop, below.

  • hyperic-hq

    Hyperic HQ

    Hyperic HQ is a open source web Network Management software. It supports many platforms. You can download Hyperic HQ, below.

  • rancid


    Rancid is a Monitoring tool that monitors a device’s configuration both software and hardware.You can download Rancid, below.

  • Nfdump


    Nfdump is a set of Network Monitoring tools to collect and process netflow data. You can download Nfdump, below.

  • BGP-play


    BGPlay is an animated graphs for BGP updates, routing activity of a certain prefix within a specified time interval.You can download BGPlay, below.

  • splunk


    Splunk is a network monitoring program that provide data collection and analysis in your network. Splunk alerts even if any alarms occur. You can download Splunk ,below.

  • open-nms


    OpenNMS is an open source Network Management application. It provice automatic discovery, event management, performance measurement, service assurance etc. You can download OpenNMS, below.

  • NetXMS


    NetXMS is a Network Management and Monitoring tool.It provide preformance monitoring, event management,alerting, reporting and graphing the whole network.It supports multiple operating systems. It has web-based management interface and console management. You can download NetXMS, below.

  • zenoss-core

    Zenoss Core

    Zenoss Core is an open source monitoring tool. It monitors all the network equipments and provide availability and performane information. With gih performance event handling and advanced notification system, it increased the network performance.You can download Zenoss Core, below.

  • icinga

    Icigna 2

    Icigna 2 is an open source Network Monitoring application. It is Linux based. Icınga provide network resource availability information and notifies even if something occurs. It has UI and a powerful command line.You can download Icinga 2, below.

  • total-network-monitor

    Total Network Monitor

    Total Network Monitor is a Network Monitoring tool that monitors devices on the local network and alert you if a problem occurs. You can download Total Network Monitor, below.