Virtualization is one of the most important technology in recent years. There are various Virtualization Machines, virtual machines are used in network world. Without using a physical device, companies are creating virtual devices in their servers with the help of various virtualization softwares. VMware and VirtualBox are widely used virtualizatin softwares in network world. Beside these softwares, there are also other softwares that are used for virtualization. In this page, you can access these virtulization softwares and you can start to use of these program.

  • vmware


    Vmware is a virtualization software suite that provide virtulazing many devices in one server. You can create a virtualization machine and use as it is physical machine on Vmware. Each virtual machine instance can execute its own guest operating system, such as Windows, Linux etc. You can download Vmware , below.

  • virtual-box


    VirtualBox is Oracle’s virtualiation suite or virtualization machine that provide many virtual devices to users.  With VirtualBox, different devices can be created on a server and they are used as classic devices. This can be a pc, a router, a switch or any other network device. You can download VirtualBox , below.

  • parallels-desktop

    Parallels Desktop 13

    Parallels Desktop 13 provide especially Windows experience to Mac users.It allows you to emulate Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 as a guest operating system. Parallels Desktop 13 allows you to conveniently run Mac and Windows applications without rebooting, Parallels can also emulate the Linux and Solaris operating systems. You can download Parallels Desktop 13, below.

  • qemu


    QEMU, is the abbreviation of “Quick EMUlator”. It is an Open Source virtualization machine or softeare that is used for customizable Virtual Machines. Qemu emulates different hardware and software types. You can use the devices created with Qemu, as physical devices. You can download Qemu, below.