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IPv6 – Part 4 (Subnetting in IPv6)

I think you are familiar with subnetting from IPv4. It was not so diffeccult. But in IPv6 the addresses are very hight, so IPv6 subnettinis a bit diffucult than IPv4 subnetting.

I will try to show you IPv6 subnetting with three example.Let’s check these examples and try to understand IPv6 subnetting.

1) Indicate the four /64 address range, that is belong to 2001:db8:1234::/48.


2) Indicate the last three /52 address range, that is belong to 2001:db8:6EFF::/48.


3) Indicate the first /45 address range, that is belong to 2001:db8::/32.


This is a little practice for understanding IPv6 subnetting. I hope this will help you to understand IPv6 subnetting.

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