IPv6 Addressing

In this configuration example, we will configure IPv6 on Juniper Routers. For our Juniper IPv6 Configuration Example, we will use the below IPv6 Topology. For our Juniper IPv6 Configuration Example, 
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IPv6 Subnetting We have talk about IPv4 Subnetting in another lessons. In this lesson, we will focus on IPv6 Subnetting and how to use it with IPv6 Addresses. Subnetting is 
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What Are The Types of IPv6 Addresses? IPv6 has some similar and some different address types than IPv4. There are still unicast addresses in IPv6 world but this time there 
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IPv4 Header versus IPv6 Header   IPv4 and IPv6 are the two man version of Internet Protocol, IP. Both IPv4 and IPv6 has Headers and these headers are a little 
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