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OSPFv3 is a new version of OSPF protocol that support IPv6. OSPFv3 has some differences and some similarities from its previous version OSPFv2. These are mentioned below.

• SPF,
• Area Support,
• Neighbour discovery and adjacency formation mechanism,
• DR/ BDR Election,
• Interface types(P2P, P2M, Broadcast, NBMA, Virtual),
• 5 packet types(Hello, DD, LSA,LSU,LSAck),
• Almost Identical LSA Types(7 LSA types are same),
• LSA Flooding and Aging.

• For IPv6 addresses,
• OSPFv3 run per-link, not per-subnet,
• Authentication method changes(with AH and ESP with IPv6),
• Packet formation and LSA’s header format changes,
• OSPFv 3 has 9 LSA types, two of them is new( Link LSA, Intra-Area Prefix LSA),
• Separation of IP addressing from the calculation of the SPF tree,
• All OSPFv3 adjacencies are formed using link-local addresses,
• Removal of addressing semantics,
• Addition of Flooding scope,
• Explicit support for multiple instances per link,
• Improved handling for unknown LSAs,
• Manual router-id configuration need.

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