What is Segment Routing? Network technology is developing day by day. With this development many Technologies are coming to our lives and all these new Technologies need different type of 
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VPN Types   VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that provides a secure connection to a private network  over Internet for users. By encrypting the connections, VPN provides security 
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What is a BGP Confederation?   BGP Confederations is an another mechanism to avoid iBGP Full Mesh topology like Route Reflectors. As a basic definion, BGP Confederaition mechanims is Autonomous 
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Why We Use BGP Route Reflectors?   By default iBGP Peers need to be Full mesh together. BGP Route Reflector (RR) is a BGP Mechanism used to bypass this iBGP 
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Ping Command in Linux Ping Command is the most used command in networking world. Maybe it is the first command that every network engineer has used firstly. During  network integration, 
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