Gratuitous ARP, is the ARP that is used to inform the network about IP to MAC Mappings after a change. It is sent as Broadcast message to all the nodes 
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Redundancy is a common point for today’s High Available Networks. First Hop Redundancy is one of the redundancy mechanisms that provide high available and always on networks. These redundancy mechanims 
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Static Routing on Juniper Routers Static Routing is the manual route configuration on routers. In JUNOS, static route configuration is done similarly with other Network operating systems. After “static route” 
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BGP Next Hop Self Configuration on Juniper Routers In BGP Configuration, there are some key commands and concepts used for a better BGP operation. BGP Next Hop Self is one 
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Routing Policy Configuration on Juniper Routers Routing Policies are the rules that allows you to control and modify the default behaviour of the routing protocols like RIP, OSPF, IS-IS etc. 
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