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IPv6 – Part 4 (Subnetting in IPv6) I think you are familiar with subnetting from IPv4. It was not so diffeccult. But in IPv6 the addresses are very hight, so IPv6 subnettinis a bit diffucult than IPv4 subnetting. I will try to show you IPv6 subnetting with three example.Let’s check these examples and try to […]


IPv6 Address Types IPv6 has some similar and some different address types than IPv4. There are still unicast addresses in IPv6 world but this time there will be one more Unicast address types. Still multicast addresses are being used but with different addresses. One additional address type is also in IPv6 world. This is anycast […]

IPv6 – Part 2 (What does IPv6 bring?) The new ip protocol, ipv6 protocol comes with some new features beside it. The features that come with IPv6 are: • Longer address space, • New security properties, • Basic header structure, • Improved QoS, • Automatic address assignation, • ICMPv6, • Mobility, • Extensibility. Let’s say […]

IPv6 – Part 1 (IPv6 and IPv6 Addresses) IPv4 is most widespread implementation of IP protocol. It has 32 bit adress space, so it allow to use almost 232=4,294,967,296 addresses in internet. Because of the fact that these addresses are almost run out a new version of IP, IPv6 revealed. These IPv4 addresses are run […]

IPv6 Routing Protocols – Part 2 (OSPFv3)

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OSPFv3 (Open Shortest Path First Version 3) OSPFv3 is a new version of OSPFv2 protocol that is developed for IPv6. The previous version, OSPFv4 was only used for IPv4. With the IPv6 revolution, routing protocols have also changed and new versions of routing protocols developed. OSPFv3 is one of the routing protocols developed for IPv6. […]

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