Nokia SR OS MD-CLI Configuration Modes

Configuration Modes of MD-CLI

In a router, there are different modes for different purposes. In Nokia SR OS MD-CLI, there are also different two modes. These are MD-CLI Operation and MD-CLI Configuration Modes.


In operational mode, user can use commands for monitoring and troubleshooting activities. But he/she can not change any router configuration. Nokia SR OS MD-CLI starts with operational mode.


In configuration mode, user can use commands for monitoring, troubleshooting and configuration. In configuration mode, there are four different sub modes. These sub configuration modes are given below:

  • global
  • exclusive
  • private
  • read-only


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Here, the mode is showed between round brackets at the beginning of the line. You can find all these modes below. It is not showed in global mode.















Configuration Workflows

There are two configuration workflows that can be used with configuration mode. These are:

  • Explicit Workflow
  • Implicit Workflow


These workflows determine if the user is restricted to configure branch or if he/she can navigate while in configuration mode.


In implicit mode navigation is restricted, but in explicit mode it is allowed.


In implicit mode, configure command is used with the mode and it navigates to configure branch. The usage of this command is:


config {private | exclusive | global | read-only}


[ ]

A:admin@node-2# configure exclusive

INFO: CLI #2060: Entering exclusive configuration mode

INFO: CLI #2061: Uncommitted changes are discarded on configuration mode exit





In explicit mode, edit-config command is used with mode and it enters the configuration mode without navigating.


edit-config {private | exclusive | global | read-only}


[show router]

A:admin@node-3# edit-config exclusive

INFO: CLI #2060: Entering exclusive configuration mode

INFO: CLI #2061: Uncommitted changes are discarded on configuration mode exit


(ex)[show router]



In this lesson, we have learned the different modes of Nokia SR OS MD-CLI. We have also talked about the sub modes of MD-CLI configuration mode.


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