NETCONF Operation Steps


NETCONF Operation Steps

NETCONF Operation has three common steps. These steps are given below:

• Session Establishment
• Operation Request and Reply
• Session Close

Firstly, the Session is Established with the messages. Both NETCONF Client and NETCONF Server send message with their capabilities, what operations they support.

After Session Establishment, Operation Request and Reply messaegs are sent. With these messages, specific operations are done. Here, the messages used for Operation Request is send with messages and the Operation Replies is sent with messages. NETCONF Client sends its requests to the NETCONF Server with message. And Server replies with message.

Lastly, session is closed with message. Client sends this message and the server replies back with message.

NETCONF Messages

We have talk about NETCONF Operation Steps and we saw the messages that are sent between NETCONF Client and NETCONF Server. Now, let’s check a little deeply and see the content of these messages.

Firstly, let’s start with Hello messages. As you know, Hello messages are used to establish NETCONF session. These messages includes the capabilities of the sending device.

Now, let’s check Operational RPC Messages.There are two RPC Messages used in NETCONF. All these operations are done within these main messages. These RPC Messages are:

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