SNMP Configuration on Cisco Routers


There are a number of commands can be used to configure SNMP on a Cisco device. Some of these commands are required although some are optional. The required ones are mentioned below:

Router(config)# snmp-server community string [view view-name] [ro | rw] [number]

Router(config)# snmp-server group [groupname {v1 | v2c |v3 [auth | noauth | priv]}] [read readview] [write writeview] [notify notifyview] [access access-list]

Router(config)# snmp-server engineID remote remote-ip-addr remote-engineID

Router(config)# snmp-server user username groupname [remote host [udp-port port] {v1 | v2c | v3 [encrypted] [auth {md5 | sha} auth-password]} [access access-list]

SNMP Manager Configuration

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